15 July 2023

Tamil movie Maaveeran Review

The movie is basically an action movie wrapped cleverly with fun-filled entertaining things in the first half. The hero Siva Karthikeyan ( SK) is a coward who thinks only about himself and his family. He works as a cartoonist for a newspaper. At a point, he starts converting the injustice things happening for him and his neighbors into cartoon stories for the newspaper. But those cartoon stories have courageous things done by the hero Maaveeran of the story.

Tamil movie Maaveeran

At some point, the injustice happening to SK crosses its limit and in that incident, his own sister gets affected. Even after that SK does not get courage and then he goes to suicide attempt but gets saved. From that day he starts hearing his mind voice which thinks like the cartoonist SK who converts things happening around him into courageous scenes.

From this point, many interesting things happened and the same filled the first half of the movie an interesting one with many laughing riot scenes.

But this is not just a fun-filled movie. If we remove all the wrappers in the name of jokes covered on the story, the skeleton of this story is an action-based one that a common man is fighting with a big politician for people.

The bond/link between scenes in this movie is remarkable, and the first scene of the movie is well connected with the climax, especially with the name of the kid - Ilavarasi. 

The way how the problem is taken in the movie (the bad quality of the building in which the hero lives ) is taken as a matter of comedy and for the same we the audience get laughed really having the seriousness of the scene in mind. 

The minute sensitive things of a common man that he expresses his anxiety through his drawing is taken as the core of the movie and displayed on the screen with many creative ideas such as giving background voice which is nothing but the words SK would use to make comic stories of his real-life events. 

The approach to the movie is interesting with many factors that the respect given for the cowardness of hero can not be seen in some other similar movies with potential for action scene. 

Regardless of other movies, the movement of people from their place to an apartment given by the government happens very smoothly in this movie except for a voice from Saritha. 

The superpower SK gets is also handled with completeness in this movie except for some lagging moments in the movie. 

SK has given his best in acting
Saritha has done a furious mother role who always raises her voice for her rights. 
Yogi Babu comedy scenes could be received well by the audience. 
Myskin fills gets the whole attraction when he comes to the screen, but for me, his voice did not suit his powerful villain role. Dubbing could have been preferred for his role. 

Even though the movie has above said positive things, there are a few problems such as, 

Some of the scenes in the second half of the movie are very much predictable we can guess some of the moves Myskins, that he may kill his thick friend, and then,

Whatever happens, SK will become courageous at the end of the movie. 

For me, the transition point when SK becomes a courageous person from a coward did not work well the scenes might have been with some serious scenes instead of a conversation with Aditi. 

At one point, even though SK is trying to manipulate the engineer and other guys who come to beat him, we could guess that the main villain Myskin is going to find that SK has lost his superpower. 

I felt that the Myskin role could have had an introduction scene showing his cruelty as the role has been designed like a tamed lion. 

Another important thing to get noticed as a healthy movie in the industry through this movie is the involvement of actor Vijay Sethupathy in the movie he has given voice for the background voice which plays the main role in this movie. 

Casts and Crew of Maveeran:

Heroin - Aditi Shankar
Other Actors : Sarita, Myskin, Sunil. Yogi Babu, Dileepan, etc.,
Director : Madonne Ashwin
Music : Barath Shankar
Cinematography : Vidhu Ayyanna
Producer : Arun Viswa

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