08 July 2023

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam - Movie Review

This movie is based on a Thiru kural which says that every sleep is like death and every wake-up is like a new birth.

Actor Mammooty in Nanpakal
Nerathu Mayakkam
To say this the movie has taken an interesting story of a drama actor who goes for a group trip from Kerala to Velanganni temple and gets changed into another man when the bus he travels stops at a village of Tamil Nadu. 

The movie starts with some scenes and shots explaining the trip of the crew and their family from Kerala to Velanganni. In the same way, all the characters involved in the main story, the affection James has on his wife,  some of the character's backgrounds, and the atmosphere of Velankanni are explained as a glance.

The core of the movie is the thought that - anything can happen in our human life and not everything can be in our control all the time.

The movie continues with the travel of Mammooty and his crew back from Velanganni to Kerala in a traveler bus. On the way some of the characters of Mammooty are also explained that he doesn't know the Tamil language completely, he doesn't like to listen to Tamil songs also it shows how normal his mental health is - it's said for a reason.

While the travel all of the bus passengers start to sleep and go to deep sleep except the driver. After some time Mammooty wakes up from his sleep and looks around and notices that the bus is passing a small village in Tamil Nadu where

On seeing that village Mammooty asks the driver to stop the bus and he goes down from bus and walks to the village and enters into a house and talks with the family of the small house like he is a member of the family. Followed by that scene, many strange and interesting scenes do happen.

As a movie, some of the best things done is the detailed writing that the movie has clear staging, detailing about the location where the story happens and character background. Secondly the frames of scenes that most of the scenes are not particularly focusing on any one or two characters, instead it shows a place on the whole and characters are entering, acting and leaving - more like how they act in real drama stages. 

The movie carries many untold links between scenes that, at a point, the situation goes like Mammooty will stay with the small family he goes to in the Tamil Nadu village. There we could see that the wife of Sundaram ( Ramya Pandian ) starts getting somehow happiness inside her that she has got back her missing husband ( Sundaram ) after 2 years with the shape of Mammootty as she has realized that all the behavior of Mammotty are just like her husband Sundaram. But this thing has been said in a subtle way instead of dramatic scenes. 

On the other hand, even the wife of James (The real life of James who is an actor ) gets fear inside so deep that she is losing her husband even though she has a teenaged son with her. This thing has been conveyed in a very small scene, after James gets converts into Sundaram, he passes the wife of James when he drives a bike and he stops the bike just to scold her and he passes to his work. The inner fear of the wife of James has been conveyed mostly with silence in her face instead of unwanted loud dialogue. 

The movie had a good space to keep a big bang changeover scene when Mammooty changes from James to Sundaram which is an interesting thing too. But the changeover has been shown with a silent scene where all the passengers are sleeping and only Mammootty wakes up and walks to the Village. There is a small vibrating window of the bus that has been shown to indicate the transformation, nothing else. 

For all the above-said reasons, this movie can be called a well-written story-driven movie. 

The camera work in this movie is simple and let the audience to keep thinking and not to go away from the characters of the movie. 

The reasons are, 

The camera has not been moved without reason anywhere. Most of the scenes have been captured with static camera angles. 

In one of the scenes, the characters are getting down from the bus one by one for food and in that time, Mammotty was quite normal and also the scene can explain the current mood of co-passengers too. For this, the camera has been fixed with a wide angle showing a parota master in Tamilnadu making parotaa from Mydhaa flour. The scene shows from when he starts making flour balls till making the flour to a spiral ball ready to make parota. This has been shown in the camera with the name of hotel written in Tamil. In the background, the bus of Mammooty stops and passengers start getting down one by one. 

In another scene, the camera has a static wide angle from the house of Sundaram showing the mother of Sundaram watching TV. In that angle, we could see 1 door and a window of the house. In one of the windows, we could see that the daughter of Sundaram is talking with the brother of Sundaram which is the continuation of the previous scene the brother of Sundaram gets angry and the daughter of Sundaram goes out to console him. 

Same to the previous movie by the same director, Lijo Jose, Jallikattu, this movie also has some cracking jokes on the go while characters talking each other. 

The characters selection is good, especially in Tamilnadu Village portion, 2 angry men, the brother and relation of Sundaram have been played by Tamil actors, Namo Narayana and Ramachandran Durairaj respectively they have done similar angry exposing roles in their previous Tamil movies. 

Casts and Crew of Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam

Main male actor: Mammootty
Main female actors: Ramya Pandian and Ramya Suvi
Other major actors: Ashokan, Poo ramu, Devaki, Rajesh Sharma, Namo Narayana, Rama chandran and others. 
Director: Lijo Jose
Producer: Mammootty and Lijo Jose
Music: This movie does not have any additional music than the Tamil / Malayalam songs playing in the background and some Tamil movie dialogues in some places. 
Cinematography: Theni Eswar
Release Date: 19 January 2023

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