Tamil movie Viduthalai Part 1 Review

Tamil movie Viduthalai Part 1
  This movie Viduthalai Part 1 has a very strong baseline story about a land and how the people living on the land are affected by government action in an attempt to implement a scheme towards the development of the state. 

But this strong line has been handled by showing a love story happening in the land with a lot of beautiful, horrible, and thoughtful scenes. 

The main character of the movie is the hero ( Kumaresan - Soori ) and Heroin ( Tamilarasi - Bavani Sri ). 

Kumaresan does not do anything as big heroic but simple innocent things. But those simple things give a big impact on the story to move from one place to another which is one of the toughest things to handle when the story would have been at the script level. 

Tamilarasi falls in love as a normal village girl, she behaves like a common village girl. She also does nothing heroic or out of her role's nature. 

All other major characters of the movie who are all used to explain the baseline of the story, have been driven by these two major characters ( Kumaresan and Tamilarasi ). The scenes have no symbolic representations, there is no unwanted scenes, not many explanations verbally. 

This movie has been written with the complete intention of being true to the baseline story and nothing else, ex: Trying to bring pace to the screenplay, trying to attract the audience with extra unwanted violence ( even though the story has big space for it ), not giving any unwanted dialogues etc.,

Even in climax, the climax has strong staging that there is a clear reason for the heroic actions of Kumaresan. Still Kumaresan does not do anything as bare heroic stunts, instead, he goes step by step, like talking to hierarchy and then talking to the leader and he goes to extreme heroic actions only after facing all those struggles and thoughts. 

Another notable idealogy that has been used in staging some scenes in this movie is, the detailing of the police camp, the lifestyle of policemen in the 1980s, real incidents that happened in those days, and other crucial things have been shown in the flow of scenes which are showing the arc of Kumaresan character and Tamilarasi character itself, instead of unwanted breachy scenes. 

The world around the story has been built by establishing the mentality of each character in each scene and we the audience feel to be inside the world throughout the movie. For example, the character of actor Chetan ( one of the police companies leader ) has been established in some scenes when Kumaresan interacts with Chetan character and in some dialogues when he says that the people in police custody should be nude and then only they will least a bit. 

But there are two characters in this movie who get built up and explained about the colors of the character and they are, Vijay Sethupathy ( Vaadhiyaar ) and Gautham Vasudeve Menen ( Sunil Menen ). 

All other characters and stories have been explained by showing the arc of Kumaresan and Tamilarasi characters. 

Overall, Viduthalai part 1 is yet another original movie has been picturised without any compromise by director Vetrimaaran. The movie will hit the audience hard and the impact may take few moments to go away from the audience if the movie was watched carefully. 

About the cast and crew of the movie, 

Actor Soori acted in this movie as Kumaresan without showing any of his body language or dialogue delivery style from his previous movies. He has maintained his physique for this movie and in climax, he has done risky performances physically and in acting style too. His acting is so natural for the character especially when he struggles, helps to village people as innocent, getting into a tough situation in the climax and reacts for all his struggles in climax etc.,

To be frank, Actress Bavani Sree does not look attractive in her introduction scene and even in some initial character development scenes, but her character shines with the simple actions done by Tamilarasi character. Bavani Sree acting looks natural and her acceptance to act in the climax scene is a big call in her career being a girl from the cinematic background. 

Looks like Gautham Vasudev Menen has shredded his body muscles to look better as a cop for this movie. 

Chetan has approached his character so casually and it has given a good impact on screen. 

Looks like, Vijay Sethupathy also has reduced weight to show himself younger in the police station scene and he has used his body language to show him aged towards the climax. 

About music, there are two evergreen songs that have come out from Illayaraja for this movie. About the background score, even though the whole movie has got sync well with the music, for me, in the scene when the grandma of Tamilarasi goes to get back money from a finance agency, the music was looking away from the scene. 

Regarding the camera work the way how the train accident scene has been captured is evident in the decision made to capture the whole movie. The camera has worked with the story and characters of the movie casually and it adds more originality to the movie. 

Casts and Crew - Viduthalai Part 1

Actors :

Soori as Kathiresan - Police Constable

Bavani Sree as Tamilarasi - Village Girl [ Bavani Sree is a sister of music director G V Prakash Kumar ]

Chethan as Ragavendar - Police in charge of Village Police Workshop

Gautham Vasudev Menen as Sunil menen - Head of Operation Ghosthunt

Rajiv Menen as Chief Secretary

Balaji Sakthivel


Director : Vetri Maaran

Producer - Elred Kumar

Music - Illayaraja

Cinematographer - Velraj

Release Date : 31 March 2023

Budget - 40 Crores ( Approx )

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