Tamil movie Vaathi Review

 This movie is all about education. The core of the movie is to give education for free in society and not to collect huge fees in schools. 

Tamil movie Vaathi - Review

When we come out of the theater, we feel satisfied with a good movie-watching experience for sure as it has one of the mandatory things to be said in content. 

To say this, this movie has been constructed with solid scenes without any high masala heroic scenes or any frowning scenes.

The movie happens mostly in a school where Dhanush has played the teacher role and what are the changes he does to the village students studying in the school and the politics around it. 

One of the solid scenes of this movie is when Ben Karunas pours water on his teacher's leg to protect his feet from the hot sun. Particularly this scene could have been taken into a big masala scene with cinematic effects and big quarrels between students and their parents. But the scene is very much shuttle and simple to grab enough attention of the audience and to make them feel inside the village witnessing the scene happen in front of them. 

Another scene is the climax: Being the climax scene, having Dhanush casted, the climax could have been more cinematic or scientific either the protagonist to stop the man who pours sand in the petrol tank of a bus or the students to gather together and work it out in some cinematic scientific way. But again, the climax is a shuttle and simple that the hero loses again and sits on the ground then someone else comes in the scene and helping the students. 

This movie has got its unique mass scenes, for example, the way how Dhanush talks in the local panchayat in front of the village president and village people for universally great thought. Another mass scene is when Dhanush makes a hut outside the village even after he faces many disrespectful things inside the village after he loses his job. 

Even though Dhanush is fighting against school fees in this movie, his character is not said as he has these high thoughts from the beginning. At the beginning of the movie, Dhanush character acts as such as a normal assistant teacher who pushes himself for promotion and to earn extra money and then he starts exposing his high thoughts after seeing injustice happening in front of him to village students. 

Coming to some of the flaws of the movie; there some scenes could have been made better to make the audience more engaged in the scene. For example, when Dhanush sits on his teacher's chair after writing a big theory in a physics lesson and talking to the students, some white color, indicating his chalk works could have been shown on the right-hand fingers of Dhanush

Another scene is, towards the interval scene, even after Dhanush tears his shirt pocket from his shirt, there are no marks on the shirt, but normally, there will be broken stitches shown on the shirt if the pocket is torn. Showing the broken stitches could have been helpful to get the attention of the audience more to the scene. 

Characters of the movie Vaathi

Dhanush character is introduced as an underdog kind of character who is an assistant teacher in a private school. His character in this movie has up and downs because of the policy he holds throughout the film. 

Samudhrakani has played the antagonist role and his presence makes us to think more about the story, especially in the interval scene. 

The role of Samyuktha does not have much to do with the story except some moves when the protagonist faces a downfall. Her role has been used to make some funny scenes in the beginning days of Dhanush in school. 

Ben Karunas has played a significantly important role as a student who becomes a collector from an orphan boy in the village. He has done his part naturally not even thinking about his remarkable roles like Chidambaram in Asuran. 

Actor Shara has done a comedian role but the comedies in this movie could have been better as they are flat without many laughing moments. 

Vaa Vaathi song sits on the tongue of the audience and the background music in this movie has worked well, especially in the hand pump scene of Ben Karunas and Dhanush. 

That's it about the movie Vaathi

Thank you. 

Casts and crew of Tamil movie Vaathi

Hero - Dhanush

Heroin - Samyuktha Menen

Villain - Samuthra Kani

Comedians - Shara and Hyper Aadi

Other actors: Aadukalam Naren, Sai Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Ilavarasu, Mottai Rajendran, Praveena, Director Barathi Raja and others

Music : G V Prakashu Kumar

Cinematography: J Yuvaraj

Production: Sithara Entertainment

Release Date: 17 Feb 2023

This is a Bilingual movie 

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