Profile and Biography of Cinematographer Sambath Kumar A

Sambath Kumar A is an upcoming Cinematographer in TamilCinema who has worked in various ad films, some Tele Films, 11 Short Films and 7 feature films in Tamil. We shall look at his profile and biography of his below, 

On Screen Name: Sambath Kumar A

Native Place: Salem, Tamilnadu

School Name: up to SSLC in Sri Jothi Vidyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Salem & up to +2 in PV Matriculations School, Salem

The reasons for his school change after SSLC are fees, distance, and the change of correspondent of the school. 

College Name: Sri Sowdeshwari College, Salem 

Educational Qualification: B. Sc Mathematics & Vis Com in E Logic Multimedia, Salem

Name of Father: Arumugham ( Retired from Indian Railways job ); 

Mother: Muniyammal ( Late )

Number of Siblings of Cinematographer Sambath Kumar A : 3 brothers; namely Gowthama Boopalan, Senthil Kumar, and Raja Sekar. 

Height of Sambath Kumar A - 5' 68"

Weight -51 KG

Favorite Foo

d: Tomato rice & Chappathi with tomato thokku and murunga keerai

Their favorite Colors: Pink, White, Red, Sky blue, and other colors, he does not like black

Favorite places: Any silent place where he can be alone, mostly house Terros at night with moonlight

Which moment made Sambath Kumar A think of becoming a cinematographer?

When he was working as an Editor and Animator for a company where he has done a lot of projects, he has felt alone and felt that the work is stressful because of loneliness in the midst of 4 walls.

So he has thought of stepping out and doing field work in the shooting spot. Then he started helping many departments of Tamil Cinema such as even being the last assistant of all, to learn from them. Still, he has been helping many departments people in Tamil cinema and trying to pursue a place for himself.

What does cinematographer Sambath Kumar A say about cinematography and how he works?

He says that a frame will not fill with just beauty but the framing sense and proper lighting can make the magic of getting the audience into the frame. He adds that it's not just a frame, we are capturing reality in the name of the frame with a good sense of cinematography.

He has a philosophy that any cinema shooting without even a director or producer, or even if artists do not come to the shooting spot, it can not happen without the presence of a cinematographer. He adds that in the cinema family, the director is the husband and the cinematographer is the wife the cinematographer should study the mind of the director and should ride on the same boat until he finds his destiny filled with his vision and dream in his script.

Cinematographer Sambath Kumar A also says that the best moments of his cinematography is- he feels proud when his artists get appreciation from the audience for their appearance on screen.

How does cinematographer Sambath Kumar work?

He calls himself a lazy guy at work but he does not compromise in his work, he says. He adds that he behaves like a psycho until the perfection comes out in his works, it can be cinematography or animation or etc., He does not care about his sleep or food when he is at work.

Hard work he has done so far to get into Tamil cinema :

After his schooling, he got a scholarship to study Multimedia abroad, but his parents did not want him to go for it so he dropped that scholarship. But, after doing B Sc Maths, he managed to find an institute to study Vis Com by doing some part-time job for Hindu News as a rep ( he has got this job because of his English fluency ) around in his city. 

He has learnt Vis Com with his passion in that field for 2 and half years by doing a job aside. After that he joined as a faculty for the same institute and was conducting trainings in colleges on Vis Com. 

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