Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu Review

 The basic concept of this movie is about a poor young boy who lives in the Southern Part of Tamilnadu ( Naduvankurichi which is near Tiruchendur in Thoothukudi District ). 

Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu Movie Review

The movie has taken the lifestyle style, family situations and other things of people who go from the above said place to big cities like Mumbai for survival and become part of a gangster group in the city. 

For that purpose, this movie has chosen the life of Muthu Veeran (  19 years old boy ) to talk about with a detailed characterization of him. Struggles faced by Muthu Veeran who is an angry young man and the growth he gains in his life because of the courageous steps he takes in the Gang. 

Parallelly while showing the life of Muthu Veeran, this movie is also showing some of the important things happening in the life of others who are a part of the Gang where Muthu Veeran is working. 

This movie also has a soft love story of Muthu Veeran which starts in a clothes shop and moves on further with the life of Muthu Veeran. 

 There are many things that worked well for me with the movie while watching the movie - Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu

  1. This is yet another Tamil movie that has a different director and story writer and thus the movie has more clarity in the steady story in the middle of many kinds of scenes carrying over the story. 
  2. This movie has a steady phase in the first half of the movie and high speed in the second half of the movie. 
  3. Music in this movie has gone friendly with the scenes of the movie. A different song ( Unnai Nenachadhum ) comes like a conversation between a young couple with the use of a Tamil grammar element called Siledai which is rarely used in Tamil songs. This grammar element gets the last word of the previous line as the first word of the following line. 
  4. Most of the characters in the movie are well structured and built with reasonable scenes. 
  5. Another different approach attempted in the scenes of this movie is two characters Muthu and Sridhar are grown parallelly from which they meet at Railway Station till the end of the movie. 
  6. Detailed exploration of how a co-worker is doing politics even in Gangs doing all activities done in this movie by the characterization of Appu Kutty role. 
  7. Simbu has changed his overall body language, skin tone, body weight, and voice slang for this role. His acting has added value to the role Muthu Veeran. 

In the middle of this good experience of watching this movie, one thing which was not much comfortable an issue with Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu was the female lead role in this movie whose lip sync, appearance, and acting are not much apt for the role she had taken over in this movie and even made to get disconnected me from the movie. 

One more thing was, when the story of the movie started moving forward, it was keep on arising in my mind that the story of VTK is highly resembling actor Vijay movie Nenjinile which was directed by S A Chandrasekar and got released in the year 1999 still VTK is different in the way how it is directed, characterization in detailed and many other things. 

Overall, Venthu Thanindhadhu Kadu is one of the most convincing, engaging movies with mind-blowing music experiences in Theater. 

Casts and Crew of Tamil Movie Vendhu Thanindhadhu KAadu:

Atman Silambarasan TR - acted as Muthu Veeran

Siddhi Idnani - acted as Paavai

Raadhika - Mother of Muthu Veeran

Saravanan ( Debut ) - acted as Karku Vel ( Karji )

Richard ( Debut ) - acted as Isakki ( owner of Parota shop in Mumbai )

Siddique - Kutty Bhai ( One of the antagonists ) 

Jafer Saddiq - acted as Rawther

Neeraj Maadhav - acted as Sridhar who met by Muthu at the Railway station

Appu Kutty - acted as Saravanan and others have acted

Direction - Gautham Vasudev Menon

Music - A R Rahman

Story - Jeya Mohan

Producer - Isari Ganeshan

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