Natchathiram Nagarkiradhu - Movie Review ( Experience )

Natchathiram NAgargiradhu Review
 This movie ( Natchathiram Nagarkiradhu ) has a concept. The concept is about the politics existing in Love. 

To carry this concept about the Universal Language ( Love ), the director Pa. Ranjith has taken a play crew who practice drama in a Theater located in Pondicherry, India. 

The whole story of this movie is happening in a Drama theater, where the crew lead ( Master ) conducts a play about Love having all the cast as the crew of the play. 

Following are the Love Tracks are taken to establish the concept of the movie. 

1. The love of the crew head who is called by the crew members as Master with his wife. 

This love takes place in a small family where a small kid is alo there. This love story talks about Self Respect of a family head of this small family. Here the family heads are facing struggles in the name of their self-respect which is taken as a playing thing by their corresponding parents. 

2. The love of Male Lead Role ( Heor ) Iniayan with the Female lead of this movie ( Rene )

Before going to this love story, I felt while watching this movie that the role of Rene is the protagonist of this movie. Even though this movie has various casts, and various love stories, the whole movie is denominated by the role of Rene. He character is well crafted in that she is a bolt, well-determined girl who shapes her life by her own from her childhood. 

This love story also happened in the theater where the whole crew practicing the play. Its between the hero of the play and the heroin. This love story deals with an intense bedroom fight between the couple, talks about Caste leading to talk about the politics such as caste, Ego between couples etc.,

3. Love story between two boys:

There are 2 male characters in this movie who love each other. These boys face some problems such as opoose from parents, and insults from Arjun who is also a co-actor with them in the play. 

This love story talks about how society looks at someone who falls in love with the same gender. 

4. Love between Arjun who is a newcomer to the play crew with his fiance:

Arjun tries to control his fiance whose lifestyle is like an independent girl. This love story talks about women independence, understanding between love couple, the influence of parents in love etc.,

5. Love between Arjun and Rene:

This love story talks about how beautiful it will be when someone gets forgiven oh his obviously big mistake, also it talks about attraction towards a girl or boy is not love etc.,

6. Love between a man and a Transgender woman:

Another two of the play crew containing a boy and a transgender are falling in love with each other. This story tells on how society looks at this kind of love and what it is actually. 

7. Love of a man who falls in love with a girl who is much younger than him:

Not just because of his age, but the girl rejects him without any reason even though he is a well-known actor. This story says that rejection can have no reason at all in love. 

8. Love between Inian and Medellin:

This love blossoms after Iniyan gets a breakup from Rene. This love story talks about madness in love such as ignoring the loved one and falling in love with the person whom loved by their heart even without thinking anything about their past of each other. 

9. Love between two women who are also part of the acting crew of this play in theater. 

This love story deals on how society looks at two women love each other. 

Overall, the movie shows the real divine face of love, that love has no gender, no language, no religion, no caste etc., 

As we have seen above, the movie is filled with love and love stories. Interesting thing about this movie is that, it talks about the politics going on behind love in this world and how the divinity of love is getting spoiled by these politics. 

Apart from these, it also talks about how extreme parents are going to influence their kids and making them to drop out their love and choose the one chosen by parents to get married. 


For me, this is one of the best movies in recent time in Tamil cinema to get celebrated by audience as it has got high level of experimentation with the universal language called as Love and the practical and most common politics behind each and every love such as Gender, Language, Caste, age and it also has considered the real-life factors around the region where the story belongs to. That the movie talks about how love is used, opposed and even punished by the name of honour killing, separation etc.,

In this movie, a group discussion scene having the topic of love shares a lot of contemporary politics going on behind Love. This scene has discussed various practical things going on in this world about Love. 

Everyone watching this film will get connected with at least one point discussed in this group discussion. 

The scene where the sky and Galaxy shown fills our eyes with beauty and makes us to get the feel of seeing heaven. 

Two songs from this movie are my favorite songs of this movie namely, Paruvame and Perinba Kadhal. 

Overall, It is worth watching movie in Cinema Theaters near you. 

Casts and Crew of Natchathiram Nagargiradhu:

Actors : 

Dusara Vijayan

Kali Dhan Jayaram

Kalai Arasan


Hari Krishnan

Lizzle Antony and others

Director : Pa Ranjith

Music :  Tenma

Editing : Selva R K

Cinematography : Kishor Kumar

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