Tamil movie Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu Review

The following lines are my personal opinion about the movie. 

I watched this movie in Amazon Prime last night and the movie made me speechless and did not allow me to sleep the whole night. 

It is not common to have movies disturbing us contentwise or the story which it carries. 

The movie has shown how sexual things are staying hindrance naturally in the middle of a teenager's life. 
The way how the tough things have been conveyed on-screen decently is the key to this movie. 

In short, all the teenagers and their parents should watch this movie at least once to remove the gap existing between the parents and the teenagers and even between one teenager and the other. 

The movie has good casting, background score, etc., but as the writing is strong for this movie, the casts did not have to do much in this movie. 

Still, the performance of Akshara Hassan, Malgudi Subha, and others was nice to watch on screen. 

Music was much relevant to the rhythm of the movie. 

The movie carries a simple thing to say and the whole movie focuses only on that same point without showing anything irrelevant to the concept. 

The concept has demanded some critical scenes such as removing hairs from Akshara's private part, How Akshara gets the sexual feel naturally at night, and showing intercourse scene towards the end of the movie. Those scenes have been kept in the movie without hesitation with 'A; rated. 

Casts: Akshara Hassan, Usha Uthup, Suresh Menon, Anjana Jeya Prakash, Malgudi Subha, George Mayran, Janagi Ganesh, Sidharth Shankar, Kalaivani, and others, 

Director : Raja Rama Murthy

Music : Susha

Story of the movie:

Akshara is a teenager from an orthodox family in Tamilnadu. Her grandmother and mother are Masters in Music and teaching Music. Her father likes to watch Cricket every day. She has two friends, one of them is a girl who thinks that life should be enjoyed and it does not matter for her to sleep with more than one man in life. Another friend of Akshara is also in love with a man but she does not believe in sleeping with her boy friend before marriage. Akshara has a boyfriend namely Harish who is a cricketer in Tamilnadu. 

With this background, Akshara gets sexual feelings in the middle of the night. She does not know what to do and thinks of sending her boyfriend a message but she does not send the message. The next day, she discusses this with her two friends ( girls ) both of them giving different opinions and confusing Akshara. So, Akshara says she will make the decision on her own. 

One day, Akshara's parents have had to go outstation and leave Akshara alone in the house. So she plans to meet her boyfriend in her house and have intercourse with him. She gets herself to buy a condom with the help of her friend. After all the preparations, Akshara changes her mind after humming a song that was taught to her by her grandmother. Because of that, she scolds the friend who helped her to get a condom. Also the plan of sleeping with her boy friend gets cancelled by him too. 

After some conflicts and advice from her grandma, she goes on what she deserved is the remaining story of the movie. 

Yes the movie has some dark shades, those shades have been taken in a gentle way by Raja Rama Muthy. One of the well determined story telling in the recent days of Tamil cinema. 

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