Tamil movie Maanadu Review

Tamil movie Maanaadu Review
 Maanadu Casts and Crew:

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Simbu

Main Female actor ( Heroin ) - Kalyani Priyadarshan

Main Negative actor ( Villain ) - S J Surya

Director - Venkat Prabu

Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Producer - Suresh Kamatchi

Cinematography - Richard M Nathan

Editing - Praveen

Release Date: 25 Nov 2021

Story Line:

Parandhaman ( YG Mahendra ) who is the friend of Chief Minister Arivazhagan ( S A Chandrasekar ) is planning to kill the Chief Minister in a Maanaadu ( Conference meeting ). For this, he assigns the task of killing the Chief Minister to the Assistant commissioner Dhanushkodi ( S J Surya ). 

For this task, Dhanushkodi makes a plan, in this plan he makes 2 strategies to kill the Chief Minister. The first one is to kill the Chief Minister by shooting him by a pretending cameraman who has a snipper gun in his camera and to trap a common man ( Rafique ) in this case. To show Rafique as the culprit, S J Surya send Rafique inside the conference with a gun by hosting the parents Rafique. 

In this complete plan, Rafique tries to escape from the Asst Commissioner Dhanush Kodi and while he is running on the main road, Abdul Khaalique who is rushing with a car towards the marriage register office for his friend's marriage hits Rafique with the car and he falls on the road. On seeing this, Abdul Khaalique takes Rafiq in the car and before he starts the car again, a policeman stops him and enquires about himself and his friends. 

On knowing that Abdul Khaalique is a Muslim, the assistant Commissioner Dhanushkodi takes him to a place and prepares Abdul Khalique as a press reporter and takes him to a conference where the Chief Minister is delivering his speech. Now, Dhanushkodi insists Abdul Khalique shoot the Chief Minister with the gun he has in a bag. Even though Abdul Khalique refuses to shoot, Dhanushkodi makes him to shoot the Chief Minister by forcing him and threatening him. Then the police force surrounds Abdul Khalique and kills him. Soon after the death, Abdul Khalique wakes up from his flight coming by which he is coming from Dubai to Coimbatore for arranging his friend's marriage. 

Again, the same scenario happens from the beginning, on seeing the scenario, Abdul Khalique gets alert and makes some changes in his moves, and tries to escape from the trap of Dhanushkodi. Still, Abdul Khaalique gets killed again and soon after dying, Abdul Khaalique wakes up from the same flights. This event continues again and again that whenever he dies, he wakes up in the flight. 

Why did it happen to Abdul Khalique again and again?

Did he try to stop the murder of the Chief Minister or not? and other important questions have been answered in this movie with high-speed screenplay and writing by Venkat Prabu. 


Positive Points:

Speed of Screenplay

Acting of S J Surya


Concept of the movie ( Time Loop )

Negative Points:

The first few minutes used for Hero Introduction

Overall, the movie Maanaadu is worth watching with family for a funfilled, roller-coaster movie-watching experience. 

Interesting facts :

S J Surya was not the first choice for the villain character of Maanaadu. Arvind Saamy was the first choice for that role. 

Simbu has reduced his body weight drastically for this movie. 

The stories said in the middle of the movie such as Ujjaini are not true and are used only for the screenplay purpose. 

Reason for naming the flight as Shiv Air is the name of director Venkat Prabu daughter is Shivani. 

The reason for choosing the 10 October is the date of birth of Venkat Prabu daughter is 10th October 2019. 

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