20 June 2021

Tamil Movie Jagame Thandiram Story and Review

 In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at the latest Tamil movie Jagame Thandhiram which has been released through OTT due to COVID 19 pandemic situation. 


Suruli is a gangster living in Madurai. Due to a police case on him, he gets a situation to hide from Tamilnadu police and at the same time, he gets an opportunity to go to London for doing a murder. 

So, Suruli moves to London and kills a man who opposes the man who called him to London from Madurai. 

Only after killing him, Suruli comes to know that the man who was killed by him was a good man, helping the refugees, especially from Sri Lanka to London. 

On knowing the truth about the man who was killed by Suruli, he starts to oppose the man who called him to London. 

Did Suruli win or not against the gangster of London is the remaining story of Tamil movie Jagame Thandhiram. 

Positive points of Tamil movie Jagame Thandhiram:

1. Dhanush acting

2. Music of Santhosh Narayanan

Negative Points:

1. The movie was expected to have more interesting scenes but the actual movie does not have much interesting scenes. 

2.Well predictable screenplay. 

Overall: This movie will not satisfy the audience who are all coming with the expectation to watch movies like Pizza / Jigarthanda. 

The above points are my point of view on the movie Jagame Thandhiram. 

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