22 March 2021

Tamil movie Thaen - Review

Castes and Crew : 

Tamil movie Then review
Male Lead: Tharun Kumar | Female Lead: Abarnathi | Director: Ganesh Vinayakan | Producers: Ambalavanan and Prema | Music - Santosh Bharadwaj | 

Concept of the movie: What will happen to a family person who lives in a forest in this modern-day India. 

Story :

Velu is a man living in a Forest in Tamilnadu. 

He gets love marriage even after the god denies the marriage symbolically. 

Then he gets a child and lives in the forest happily. Both he and his wife work inside the forest. 

All of sudden, his wife gets stomach ache and it gets severe. 

As the medicine person in the forest does not give hope to Velu, he gets his wife to the nearby city and tries to save his wife. 

Did he save his wife or not? is the remaining story of Thean - Tamil Movie

The film talks about the following things:

What are the problems that have to be faced if a person who lives in a forest goes to City for a medical emergency?

What are the practical problems with the modern Identity systems in India?

Are the control measures taken in case of forest fire adequate? and other things. 


It must be appreciated for selecting this sensitive and a must talk topic to get through the movie. 

Sentimental scenes that come at the end of the movie are really touching the hearts of the audience to feel the pain of the protagonists of this movie. 

The very first scene of the movie has a black color costly car travels along the road constructed through a forest. In this travel, the light emits from the headlight of the car crosses many animals and finally, the car has to stop as a rabbit sits on the road and does not move till it hears a horn blow from the car. For me, this scene has a universal message that we the human have constructed road and traveling, but the animals have no idea what's going on around them, and it's dangerous for their lives even if they choose to sit / stand / lay on the road. 

It happened to have a think, what if the Velu character does not meet the beggar who sits in front of the collector office? Velu would have been clueless and keep on crying without any solution for the treatment of his wife. 

About the characterization:

How the love story starts between Velu and Poonkodi is well established at the beginning of the movie. 

The character of Velu is well established as the scenes moving from the beginning and towards the end of the movie. 

All the characters who have negative shades are not merely shown as cruel characters for no reason. All the reasons behind the actions of those negative shaded people are shown in all the scenes used to move the story itself. 

Positive and Negative Points:


1. There are no scenes with anyone standing and talking about good thoughts/mistakes in the political system. Instead, the casual scenes have been constructed to establish the thoughts that the director wanted to convey to the audience. 

2. There are no unwanted songs / irrelevant comedy scenes. 

3. Way of showing the nature existing in India. 

4. Way of saying how the people in Indian forest are living in these modern days.

-ve points:

Reading the above points, you may think that, is this a perfect social movie? No, there are some points that could have been given more attention with this movie, they are, 

1. The lead role performance could have been better, that even in some of the intense scenes, we the audience could not go inside the scenes and feel the pain that the director wanted to convey. 

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