Story for Actor? or Actor for Story ? - Vetri Maaran Answers

This page of Tamil cinema bio is about one of the interesting interviews of director Vetrimaaran with Cricketer Dinesh Karthik for a Youtube Channel. 
Vetri Maaran with Dhanush

Question :

How do you select actors and actresses in your movies? The story for actors or actors for a story?

Answer from Vetri Maaran:

It varies from movie to movie. I did not have Dhanush in mind when I wrote Polladhavan. Later on Dhanush joined the crew. Then, with the same team of Velraj, G V Prakash Kumar and Dhanush joined together and made the movie Aadukalam for Dhanush. 

Visaaranai movie was just in mind as a thought without a screenplay. Then talked with actor Dinesh and Samudhrakani. Made it as a movie after they agreed. The movie, Vada Chennai was written keeping Dhanush only in mind. Rajan's character of Vada Chennai was written with actor Vijay Sethupathy. He could not give dates for it, so moved to Telugu actor Ravi Teja. He was also not able to give dates at the last minute. Finally, actor, director Ameer did that role. 

Asuran movie was not planned with Dhanush first. It was a different story in the beginning with Ben Karunas and an actor like Samudhrakani and their journey was the whole movie. In fact, it was a small story like Visaaranai. 

Only after Dhanush confirmed his entry into the movie, things like flashbacks, wife for the father character, relations, and their characters developed. So, sometimes the story will get changed for actors and actors may get changed as per the story. 

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