Tamil movie Silence Review

Tami movie Silence review
Tamil movie Silence review
In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look at one of the Tamil movies released in October 2020, namely Silence. We, Will, look at the Casts and crew, Storyline, and Review of the movie. 

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Silence:


Anushka Shetty


Shubba Raju

Shalini Pandey

Micheal Madsen

Director : Hemant Madhukar

Music: Gopi Sundar

Producer: Kona Venkat; TG Vishwa Prasad

Story Line: Crime Thriller

Some Interesting questions and answers about the movie Silence 2020 :

Is this a horror movie? 

Yes, it has some scary scenes in the beginning and in the middle of the movie. 

Is this movie good for watching as a couple?

Yes, It can be. Because this movie has some love scenes between Anushka, Madhavan, and Shalini Pandey and Shubba Raju. 

Is this a movie for friendship?

Yes, the base story of the movie is about strong friendships between Shalini Pandey, Anushka Shetty, and Shubba Raju. 

Does this movie have comedy elements?

No. There are no intended comedy scenes in this movie. A movie with a crime thriller. 

Does this movie have family sentiment scenes?

Not much, but the movie has a few scenes when exploring the family members of Shalini Pandey. 

Is this movie for kids?

No. This movie is not advisable for kids to watch alone as it has many violent scenes. But the movie can be watched by kids having parents with them. 

Does this movie have cool frames to watch?

Yes, there are many scenes in this movie with cool background captured with cool colors by the camera. 

What's the role of Anushka in Silence?

Anushka has played the role of a deaf and dumb lady who is a drawing artist living in the USA/ 

There are some scenes in this movie for Anushka to explore her acting talent like attacking a person, crying for losing a person, being a disabled person, and other scenes. 

Madhavan has done a small role as a cello player in the USA. He has a mass scene in this movie which has capable of collecting applause and whistles. Additionally, he has performed well in a scene towards the climax of the movie. 

Among others of this movie, Shalini has done significant acting in this movie. 

Positive points of the movie Silence:

The opening scene and some similar scenes in the middle have been taken with high technology including good background music. 

Some of the twists kept in this movie are capable of making the audience think and posing unpredictable. 

Cool visuals: Most of the scenes of this movie give a nice feel to the eyes with the green cool backgrounds. 

The screen presence of Madhavan: Whenever Madhavan comes to the screen, he steals the show with his appearance and acting skills. 

Negative Points of the movie Silence : 

Logic loopholes in the screenplay. 

Some of the twists are much predictable. 

Acting of some of the characters in the movie. 

Slow screenplay

Songs and the placement of the songs in between the movie. 

Dubbing. Especially the American slang is spoken by Anjali and her husband's character. 

Length of flash back scenes. 

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