Tamil Movie Ka Pe Rana Singam Review

 In this movie, we shall look at one of the latest movies, K P Ranasingam released in 0ctober 2020. Including casts, crew, and review. 

Ka Pe Ranasingam Casts and Crew :

Main male actor ( Hero ) - Vijay Sethupathy

Main female role ( Heroin ) - Aishwarya Rajesh

Other major actors: Rangaraj Pandey, Munishkanth, Vela Ramamurthy, Bhavani Shree ( sister of Vijay Sethupathy ), Poo - Ram, Abhishek, Mohan ram, Namo Narayanan, T Siva, Mathew Varghese, Hello Kandhasamy, Vazhaku en Muthu Raman, Thavasi, Saravana Sakthi, Arul Dass, Arunraja Kamaraj, C V Kumar, Durai Sudhakar. 

Director: Virumandi

Music: Gibran

Written by: Virumandi and Shanmugam Muthusamy 

Cinematography: Ekambaram

Editing: Sivanadeeswaran

How to watch Ka Pe Ranasingam movie ( OTT )  :

Step one: Go to this website - zee5[dot]com

Step 2: Search for Ka Pae Ranasingam

Step 3: Now click - Rent for 199

Step 4: Click - Rent for 199 - again

Step 5: give your credentials and proceed to watch the movie. 

Note: On that website, the movie will be available for 6 hours as rent. 

Some Interesting questions and answers about the movie Ka Pe Ranasingam 2020 :

Is this a complete social message carrying a movie?

Yes, most of the scenes of this movie contain messages directing to the people and government system of India. 

Is this movie good for watching with family?

Of course yes. This movie contains a lot of scenes with family sentiments including brother sentiment, husband and wife sentiments, father and son sentiments, etc.,

Is this a commercial movie?

Even though the main content of the movie has a social message for society, the movie has a lot of commercial elements such as the fair speed of scenes, fight, songs, etc.,

Does this movie have comedy elements?

There are a few, only a few scenes kept for comedy. It can not be called as a comedy movie. 

Does this movie have ladies' sentiments?

Yes, the complete movie is centered on the role of Aishwarya Rajesh. 

Is this movie for kids?

No. There are no significant violent scenes but the movie is not made for kids. 

Does this movie have cool frames to watch?

Yes, there are many scenes in this movie that have shown the good locations of the southern part of Tamilnadu. 

What's the role of Aishwarya Rajesh in Ka Pae Ranasingam?

She is the backbone of the movie Kanavar Peyar Ranasingam. 

Aishwarya Rajesh has expressed her versatile acting in the movie from sentimental scenes to the high performing scenes like having conversations from local VAO to the Prime Minister of the country character. 

She has acted as the wife of Vijay Sethupathy role ( Rana Singam ). 

What is the role of Vijay Sethupathy in this movie?

The role of Vijay Sethupathy in this movie has comparatively less scenes to share in this movie. 

Even though he does not appear in most of the scenes, he has done his part effortlessly. 

Positive points of the movie Silence:

Unique story : The base line story of this movie is about expatriate indians who are working in gulf countries such as UAE. Mainly the basic problem in getting back the dead body of any Indian citizen who works in gulf countries in case of death. 

Acting of Aishwarya Rajesh. 

Back Ground music. 

Focusing the base story of the movie with the help of screenplay. 

Negative Points of the movie Silence : 

Length of the movie ( more than the required length )

Logic questionable scenes especially in the second half of the movie. 

Some irrelevant scenes from the story especially in the beginning of the movie. 

The scenes taken as if taken in UAE country could have been taken the screen better. 

Overall : A Must watch movie if you have thirsty of watching new story movies in Tamil Cinema. 

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