29 August 2020

Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh Life Story

Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh has shared her life story in an interview she gave in an event. TED has been conducting public events in the name of Ted x Talk, in that people from various field have been sharing their life stories. 

Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh Life Story

Those kind of motivational talks have been spreading by internet all around the world. By this event, so many interesting facts about Tamil cinema celebrities and other industry celebrities have come out. In the month January 2020 that event was conducted in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India. In that event, Tamil actress Aishwarya Rajesh took part. and the talk she did in that event has been viral in internet. 
Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh Life Story
Tamil Actress Aishwarya Rajesh Life Story

Her speech in that event has been compiled here below:

I born and brought up in Chennai. My family was a middle class family. The place I brought up was a housing board area in Chennai. 
Total number of family members in my family are, 6 including parents. My mother is one of the important reasons for the place where I am now in the industry. I lost my father when I was 8 years old of age. After that my mother took my whole family on her shoulder and worked for us. She took care on us as if not knowing the absence of my father. My mother did not study much. My mother tongue is Telugu and my mother knew only that language and nothing else. But she traveled till Mumbai city and bought clothes for cheap price and came here and sold by going to house by house. On the other hand she was working as an LIC Agent too for our education and other needs. 

The elder brother of Aishwarya Rajesh died when she was 12 years of age. Some one has said that he died due to love failure. Still it is a mistery whether it is a suicide or a murder. The death of her brother affected her mother too severely. 

After some years the younger brother of Aishwarya Rajesh finished his hotel management studies. He got a job for about 30000 to 40000 INR monthly salary. Mother got happy because of that. After some days the younger brother of Aishwarya Rajesh died in a road accident. Then the mother of her broken completely. 

At this stage any girl will think about helping her family only. I felt the same. In that time I was studying 11th standard and started working. My first work experience was for a Supermarket as a Sales girl in Besant Nagar area of Chennai. My work was to explain the customers about some products. 

My first Salary was 225 Indian Rupees. 

I was doing other works like presenting birthday events, marriage functions and other functions and earning 500 to 1000 Indian rupees. 

But that earning will not be enough for running a finally. So I decided to act in TV serials. 

The first salary I drawn for acting in the debut TV serial was 1500 Indian Rupees for a day. The work will be there from 9 AM to 9 PM. The problem is there will be shooting only for 5 to 6 days in a month. So that income was also not enough to run family. 

When I was discussing with my mother I asked how could only the lead actresses of Serial are earning from 20 Indian rupees to 25 indian rupees for a day? She replied that to get such roles we should have acted in Tamil cinemas. There should be an identification in Tamil cinema. 

Then I started looking for acting chances in Tamil cinema. In between I participated in one of the reality dance competitions, Maanaada Mayilada in Kalangar TV and received the first price too. That opened gates for me to enter in Cinema. I approached many persons for cinema chance by showing my recognition in that Maanada Mayilaada show. 

My first Tamil movie is Avarkalum Ivarkalum. That movie did not do well in box office. Then I was keep on trying to get chances in Tamil cinema to act. At the time when I entered Tamil cinema, I had to face negative remarks and unwanted words such as you can not carry yourself whether the actresses from north are capable of wearing nice dresses and carrying themselves fine. I think I did not get much chances as I talk in Tamil. 

Even some directors said I will not be suitable to act as heroin and not to waste their time. They added to act in small characters in Tamil. I went to ask for chance to a big director and he asked me act as the pair to a comedian and I refused that chance. 

Those 2 to 3 years went like that. After that I got chance to act as Amutha in the movie Attakathi. It was a small role but gave a nice name for me in the market. People started identify me. Then I started acting as heroin in the movies, Pannaiyarum Padminium, Rummy, Thirudan police and other movies. 

The the movie Kaaka Muutai movie changed my life completely. It was a mother character of 2 children who live in slum. None else came forward to act in that character. But for me it was like, why we should not do it? whats wrong in it? more than everything, I liked that story. 

I saw a lady in that slum when the shooting of Kaaka Muttai was going on. She was living in a small room not more than 10X10 feets. I saw her washing in that room. After washing clothes, she cleans that room and switch on the fan to get the place dry. After the room gets dry she used to cook there itself. 

In the same room, in a corner there was a toilet. In that room herself, her 4 children an old man,  an old lady and a pet dog. I did not understand how these things are possible. 

We the people here are living in a double bed room house. After that looking for building a bigger house. We used to desire for better cars if we have a car. But there, those people were looking happy with that 10X10 room and life inside that. I saw that lady as a goddess having a bindi on her forehead and turmeric all around her face. I learnt so many things from that movie Kaakka Muttai. 

I am not a big actress now, and then too I was not a big actress. Director Manikandan taught me acting. I do learn in every movies, every directors. Whenever I see me on screen I used to think that I could have acted better, never got satisfaction. 

That movie got a big hit. I got appreciation from big stars and experts in this film industry. That movie was screened in many film festivals. But I did not get any chance for acting for the next 1 year of time. I did not understand that, that movie got a big hit and got good reviews from all sides but why there is no further opportunities. 

Some one came forward to give me chance by seeing the talent in me. I acted in Dharmapuri movie having actor Vijay Sethupathy in that and did a role in Vada Chennai with actor Dhanush. I did not get chance to act with big stars. So then I decided to act as heroin in my movies. 

Then only I chose Kanaa Movie. That movie changed all. That movie was about a cricket player. I had to go for training for 6 months. I asked the director of that movie Arunraja Kamaraj to have trust on me to act in that role. 

I received many awards and appreciations for acting in that movie. After that many movies came to me with women subject. 

Total number of movies in hand now with Aishwarya Rajesh are 6 to 7

In all these 6 to 7 movies I am doing the lead roles. For all these things my self confidence is the reason. No one supported me and I do not have any cinema background. I supported myself. 

Aishwarya Rajesh has also expressed that there were so many criticism on her color tone and appearance. Now she has learnt how to deal with all those kind of troubles in her career. Also she added that she even knows how to attack back if any one is degrading her. She has advised all ladies in the society to be bold and face troubles. 

Aishwarya Rajesh has also added that it is important for all women to learn self defense. she concluded her speech with the words of thanks such as, this is my life story, I am happy to see my success so far. I had self confidence which is important for all of us. We should be independent. Particularly ladies should not be depending on any one.Thanks for this opportunity. 

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