Profile and Biography of Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan Profile Photo in social mediaIn the line of Tamil leading actors, Rajinikanth, Illayathalapathy Vijay, Ajith Kumar, Vikram, and Surya, on this page of Tamil cinema, I have taken the topic of actor Kamal Hassan to talk about. I have discussed below with the subtitles of Biography of Kamal Hassan, Filmography of Kamal and other personnel information of Kamal, etc.,

Biography of Tamil actor Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan:

Real Name of Kamal - Parthasarathy

Birthdate - 07th November 1954
Age - 66 ( as of 2020 )

Place of Birth - Paramakudi in Tamil Nadu, India.

Names of Spouses of Kamal Hassan are, Vani Ganapathy (divorced) and Sarika Thakur

Marital Status: Divorced

Kamal Hassan Daughters: Shruti Hassan ( Birth date 28 Jan 1986 ) | Akshara Hassan ( Birth date - 12 October 1991 )

He is living in Chennai of Tamilnadu.
Father name: Srinivasan

Mother name: Raja Lakshmi 

Brothers: Chandra Hassan and Charu Hassan ( Actor )

Religion: Hindu

Favorite Food: Fish

Favorite Actors: Nagesh, Shivaji, MGR, Rajesh Kanna

Hobbies: Reading Books

Eye Color - Black

Height : 170 cm 

Weight - varies as per the character he does for movies. anyhow his average weight is 76 Kg

School: Sir M. Ch. Mutthaiah Chettiar Boys Higher Secondary School - Chennai

The first movie as child artist: Kalathur Kannamma

The first movie as an adult: Arangetram ( directed by K Balachander )

The role of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan is plenty that he is one of the legendary actors of Tamil cinema, Producer, that he had produced a number of Tamil movies, Kamal is a good director, making cinemas by knowing the pulse of the Tamil cinema audience, he is a Screenwriter, Playback singer, and a lyricist. Totally Kamal Hassan is a complete Kalaingan.

Kamal Hassan has been serving as a Tamil artist for more than 50 years.

Kamal Hassan name meaning:

Even though, Kamal is a Hindu Brahmin, why he has Hassan a Muslim, Arabic name as a part of his name? The reason lays in a very old story that, when the father of Kamal was in prison by British people in India, his prison mate, Hassan has saved Srinivasan, the father of Kamal from the British police. So, the father of Kamal has included the name, Hassan behind the names of his all sons.

Interesting Facts about Kamal Hassan

Interesting Facts about Kamal Hassan
Interesting Facts about Kamal Hassan
The first experience of Kamal Haasan in front of Camera happened for Kalathur Kannamma movie in his 3 and half years of age. At that time, he did not have a camera consciousness, the production team has given him some toys to play with and they asked him just to answer some of the questions they asked. They have captured using the camera when Kamal answered their questions.

When director Mani Rathnam spoke about Kamal Hassan, he said that when he went to narrate a story to Kamal before the period of Mauna Raagam, Kamal has told him back 3 stories. 

Kamal Hassan has listened to just one-liner story of Nayagan to get into it. 

In the scene when Kamal had to peep inside a police station where his father's character is hanging, he had to react. For this, he has asked the junior actor who was acting as constable and controlling the crowd to push him. 

As the constable character hesitated to push Kamal, he has taken the junior actor aside and asked him to push on the shoulder of Kamal for 10 times and then got the shot done perfectly. 

On the screen, all Kamal did in that scene was watching inside the police station with a shock without Shutting his eyes. 

At the shooting of the fight scene in Nayagan inside a slum-like place where the Nayakkar had to hit the head of a cop with a bottle, Kamal Hassan had a bottle that will get broken but it will not hurt the person who gets the blow. 

We all know that director Gautham Vasudev Menon is a fan of Kamal Hassan and he has watched movies like Soora Samhaaram a lot of times. We should note here that Gautham is the one who directed the blockbuster movie Vettaiyadu Vilayadu having Kamal as a hero. 

He has big anger in the current industry that most of the actors are not doing rehearsal and the good habit of script reading is reduced a lot. 

Actor Cho ( Cho Ramasamy ) is the inspiration for the humor of Kamal Hassan. 

Some of the controversies related to Kamal Hassan:

In the year 2019, he said a controversial statement that the first terrorist of Independent India was a Hindu and it creates waves among the country. 

In his personnel life, he spent 13 years of time live-in relationship with actress Gauthami and she declared they get separated in the year 2016. 

When the movie Hay Ram released, it created big controversial talks, because of portraying Mahatma Gandhi with a negative Shade in the movie. 

Another controversy was for the movie Mumbai Express for naming it in another language than Tamil. Still, the movie released with the same another language name. 

The movie Vasool Raja MBBS got a case filed on it by the President of Tamilnadu Medical Council. 

The movie Uthama Villain got a petition because of the lyrics of the song Iraniyan Naadagam written by Kamal Hassan stating that the lyrics are against Lord Krishna. 

The movie Virumandi was earlier named Sandiyar which can be known as derogatory. As the name Sandiyar can create caste-based violence the name was then changed to Virumandi. 

Some of the lyrics of the movie Man Madhan Ambu had 18+ lines. Due to opposition against those lines, the song was removed from the movie. 

The huge controversy was going on just before the release of the movie Viswaroopam because of the title card and trailer. Some of the Muslims and Hindu makkal katchi opposed it. In the middle of this controversy, Kamal Hassan said in a press meet that if these things would not stop I may have to leave the country. 

At the time of the Jallikattu protest, he supported the protesters. 

Then Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Vishwaroopam under his whole effort of Direction, producing, screenplay, lyrics, etc., This movie was planned by Kamal Hassan to release through DTH services and his plan was executed by him successfully and the movie got succeeded. This movie got Box office hit after a high opposition from some political parties saying that the movie has scenes affecting Muslim religion. For this issue, Kamal came to the TV interview and explained his situation that he will have to sell his house if this movie does not run well in theaters. Finally, the movie got a super hit.

One of the famous Stunt Directors of Tamil cinema Mr. Stunt Silva ( Selvam )  has mentioned in an interview that, he wanted to work with Kamal Hassan but still it has not happened so far till 2020. Once at the shooting of Vettaiaadu Vilayadu, Silva has come to the set of that shooting and requested to the stunt director of that movie for making him appear in a frame of the introduction fight sequence of that movie and it has happened. Thus he expressed happily what he did just to appear on screen with Kamal. 

Personal Life and earlier life of Kamal Hassan before entering Tamil Cinemas:

As we have seen above, Kamal is one of the Tamil actors who born in Tamilnadu, that Kamal was born in Paramakudi of Ramanathapuram district of Tamilnadu. For this reason, the Kamal Hassan fans do scream in front of the Kamal movie released Cinema theatres, especially on the first day shows that “singa Thamizhan Kamal”. Kamal is not from a Cinema backgrounded Family that he was born to Mr. D. Srinivasan and Raja Lakshmi. The father of Kamal Hassan was a Criminal Lawyer. The Real Name of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan is said to be Parthasarathy.

Kamal Hassan is from an Iyengar Brahmin family. The siblings of Kamal Hassan are 4, one of them is Charu Hassan who has acted in some Tamil Cinemas like Thalapathy. The other brothers of Kamal are Chandra Hassan and Nalini Raghu. The early life of Kamal Hassan is an interesting one that, his elder brothers followed their father as their role model and learned law. But Kamal Hassan learned a lot of things from his studies.

Even though Kamal is not originally from a Cinema family, but after him, most of his family members contributed to Tamil cinema and won a status is well. The eldest brother of Kamal Hassan, Charu Hassan is a National Award-winning actor, and his other brother, Chandra Hassan had been the executive for the Kamal Hassan’s home Production Company, Raj Kamal International. The daughter of Charu Hassan, Tamil actress Suhasini is another great artist from this Art family. She is also a National Award-winning Artist of Tamil Cinema. Then Tamil actress Anu Hassan has also made a mark in Tamil cinemas like Indira. Son of Nalini Raghu who is the sister of Kamal Hassan, Gautham has also acted in Tamil cinema through Tamil cinema, Hey Ram.

In the beginning, Kamal Hassan had Gossips through media by talking to him together with Tamil actress Sri Vidhya. Then he married Vani Ganapathy who was a costume designer. Kamal Hassan and Vani lives together for about ten years and got divorced. Then Kamal lived together with Sarika. The marriage date of Kamal Hassan and Sarika is 1988. This couple has 2 children namely, Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan. The costumes of Kamal Hassan’s Tamil movie Hey Ram was done by his ex-wife, Sarika. The relationship between Kamal and Sarika broken and went to divorce and the reason is said to be the talk of Kamal with Tamil actress Simran. Simran acted with Kamal consecutively in Tamil movies, Pancha thandiram, and Pammal K Sambandham.

Now Kamal Hassan is living with Tamil actress Gouthami with whom he has acted again in many films earlier. Together with Tamil actor Kamal Hassan, Gouthami, Shruti Hassan, and Akshara Hassan, the daughter of Gouthami, Subbalakshmi is also living.

Other activities of Kamal Hassan:

Other than contributing to Tamil cinemas, Kamal has been actively participating in the Social services by making all of his fan clubs into Social Service centers, He is the ambassador for Hridayaragam which is an orphanage for the children who are affected by HIV AIDS. Then Kamal is an Atheist.

Early Life - Kamal Hassan:

The entry of Tamil actor Kamal into Tamil cinema is an interesting story. When Kamal was 3 years, his family was shifted to Chennai due to the medical treatment of his mother and Kamal was learning in the T Nagar, Holy Angels Convent school. It is said that once Kamal has gone to the house of A V Meiyappa Chettiyar who is the father of A V M Saravanan for a treatment with a doctor and in the time of treatment there was a tenant shouting at the ground floor of that house. On seeing this, Kamal has actively gone ahead and asked that tenant to be not shouting as there is someone ill. By seeing this, Kamal was given a chance for acting in the film, Kalathur Kannamma as he was an active small boy.

The debut movie of Kamal Hassan was under the direction of Tamil cinema director Bhim Singh. The hero of that movie, Kalthur Kannamma is Gemini Ganeshan. After Kalathoor Kannamma, Kamal acted in some movies as a child artist. Kamal’s schooling was in Hindu High School, Triplicane of Chennai.

Filmography of Tamil actor Kamal Hassan:

Kamal Hassan has been with more than 50 years in Tamil cinema acting in more than 200 movies. In this marathon journey of Kamal in Kollywood, he has been playing almost all dimensions of an artist and reached many heights.

After the launch in the Tamil Cinema at his early age of 3, he was away from the cinemas for almost 7 years. After that long gap, Kamal came back to Tamil cinema with the movie, Maanavan for a dance performance.

After Kalthur Kannamma, Kamal acted in Paarthal Pasi Theerum with Tamil legendary actors, Shivaji Ganeshan and Gemini Ganeshan. Then Kamal acted in the movie Paadha Kanikkai and Kannum Karalum as a child artist. 

In the year 1963, Kamal acted in the movies, Vaanambadi and Anandha Jothi with respectively Nagesh and MGR.

The year 1970 – Kamal Hassan came back to Cinemas after 7 years with the Tamil movie, Maanavan, together with Tamil actor Jai Shankar and Tamil actress Lakshmi.

Year 1971 – Tamil actor Kamal Hassan acted in the movies, Annai Velankanni and Nootrukku Nooru. In the movie, Annai Velankanni, Kamal acted as the Jesus Christ.

The year 1972 – Kamal acted in 2 Tamil movies namely Kurathi Magan and Kanna Nalama.

The year 1973 – We can say, Kamal’s Cinema career got some sort of grip in this year. The reason is, in this year only, Kamal started acting in the major roles like a villain role. 

The very first movie of Kamal doing a major role was in the Arangetram with Siva Kumar and Prameela. In the same year, Kamal did the Villian role in the movie, Sollathan Ninaikiren.

The year 1974 – In this year, Kamal has started his pick up that he acted a total of 8 number of films, namely Paruva Kaalam, Gumasthavin Magal, Naan Avan Illai, Kanyakumari, Anbu thangai, Vishnu vijayam, Aval Oru Thodar Kadhai, and Panathukkaha. 

The first Filmfare award for Kamal Hassan was for a Malayalam movie - Kanyakumari. 

The year 1975 – In this year, our Ulaga nayagan Kamal Hassan has acted a lot of Movies namely, Cinema Paithiyam, Pattamboochi, Aayirathil Oruthi, Then Sindhudhey Vaanam, Melnattu Marumagal, Thangathiley Vairam, Pattikattu Raja, Gnan Ninne Premikkunnu, Maalai Sooda Vaa, Apoorva Raagangal, Thiruvonam, Mattoru Seetha, Raasaleela and andharangam. Among these movies, we can call, Apoorva Raagangal as one of the remarkable movies of the Tamil cinema that the two legends of Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan acted together for the very first time.

Year – 1976 – In this year, Kamal has become one of the busiest actors of Tamil Cinema and Malayalam film industry. the name of movies that Kamal acted in that year are, Appooppam, Agni Pushpam in Malayalam, then, in the Tamil movie, Manmadha Leelai, Anthuleni Kadha with Tamil actor Rajinikanth for the second time. 

Then he acted in 3 consecutive Malayalam movies namely, Samassiya, Swimming Pool, and Aruthu. Then Kamal Hassan acted in the movie, Sathiyam with Tamil actor, Nadigar Thilagam Shivaji Ganeshan. Then for acting in the movie, Oru Oodhaappoo Kan Simmttuhiradhu, Kamal received the Filmfare Awards for the best Tamil actor. After acting in Unarchigal with Tamil actress Sri Vidya in Tamil film, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie, Kuttuvum sikshayum which was a Malayalam movie. in the movie Kumara vijayam, Kamal acted with Tamil actress Jaya Chitra. 

Then, in the Tamil cinema, Idhaya Malar, which was directed by Gemini Ganeshan, Kamal did the lead role. Then Kamal acted in a couple of Malayalam movies, namely Nee Ente Lahari and Ponni. Then, in the same year, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Moondru Mudichu which is one of the Ever Green Tamil movies, made in the combination of  Kamala Hassan and Rajinikanth. Then he acted in the movie, Mogam Muppadhu Varusham, and Lalitha.

Kamal Hassan debut movie in Hindi is Aaina ( 1977 )

The year 1977 – this year, began with the debut Hindi movie of Kamal Hassan namely Aaina with actress Mumtaz. Then he acted in the movie Uyarndhavargal with actress Sujatha. Then Kamal acted in a couple of Malayalam movies, namely Siva Thandavam and Aasirvaadham. Then Kamal has acted in the movie, Avargal with Rajinikanth and Tamil actress Sujatha. Then he acted in the Malayalam movies, Madhura sopnam, and Sri Devi. 

First Bengal movie of Kamal Hassan - Kabita ( 1977 )

After the Tamil movie, Unnai Sutrum Ulagam, Kamal has put his acting feet in a Bengali movie !! the name of the Bengali movie acted by in the year 1977 is Kabita. Then Kamal Hassan acted in the Malayalam movies, Aashta Mangalyam, Nira Kudam, and Oor Magal marrikkumo. 

After those Malayalam movies, here we go.. another Ever Green movie of Kamal Hassan was released all around the Tamilnadu theaters with peak level expectations. The name of that special, Evergreen Superhit movie is Padhinaaru Vayadhiniley. In this movie, the dedication of Kamal Hassan and his sincerely in the Tamil cinema was obvious by the scenes in that movie, designed by one of the leading Tamil cinema directors, Bharadhi Raja. Kamal had acted with Parattai Rajinikanth in that movie, pairing with  Sri Devi. 16 Vayadhiniley has run about one year in the Tamilnadu Cinema theaters. For his nice acting performance in 16 Vayadhiniley, Kamal Hassan received the Filmfare Awards for Best Tamil actor and Tamilnadu State Award for Best Actor. 

Kamal Hassan won the best actor ( Tamilnadu State Award ) for 16 Vayashinile movie

The first movie came in a combination of Kamal and Shivaji - Naam Pirandha Mann ( 1977 )

Then Kamal acted in the Tamil movie, Aadu Puli Aattam in Tamil, consecutively again with Rajinikanth. Then he acted in the Malayalam movie, aanandham Paramaanandham with actress Roja Ramani. Then Kamal acted together with Sivaji Ganeshan in the movie, Naam Pirandha Mann. Then Kamal acted his first Kannada language movie, Kokila in the same year. Then at the tail end of the year, Kamal did a couple of Malayalam movies with Sri Devi.

The year 1978 – These years can be called as the Tamil cinema years ruled by the young actors, Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth. At the beginning of the year 1978, Kamal acted in the movie Sakka Podu Podu Raasa as a Guest appearance role in which movie; Jai Shankar did the main role. Then Kamal acted in 3 Malayalam movies, he did a Telugu movie. followed by those other language movies, Kamal acted in the Tamil movie, Ilamai Oonjaladugiradhu with Tamil actor Rajinikanth and Tamil actress Sri Priya. Then Kamal acted in the movie, sattam En Kaiyil with Tamil actress Sri Priya. Then Kamal acted in the 3 other language movies 1 in each language. 

Then Kamal acted in the movie Aval Appadithan with Rajinikanth, Sri Priya, and Saritha. In the same year, Kamal acted in another remarkable movie, Sivappu Rojakkal with the character name of Dileep, a strong role to act, and Kamal had to get used to it as he is too good in using the opportunities. In the movie sigappu Rojakkal, Kamal acted as almost a psycho patient who is facing many struggles in his young age which are related with the feelings of a young boy, he becomes a chain killer to get a place in the mental hospital at the end of the story. In this movie, the songs of Tamil actor Kamal and Sri Devi are Evergreen and nice to hear even today with the music work of Illayaraja

Then in the year, Kamal acted in the Tamil movie Manidharil Ithanai Nirangala with Sridevi and Thappu Thaalangal with Rajinikanth. At the end of the year, Kamal acted in another language to finish the year.

The year 1979 – After doing a couple of other language movies, Kamal acted in the movie, sigappukal Mookkuthi with actor Vijaya Kumar. Then Kamal acted in the thriller Tamil movie, Neeya with Sri Priya. 

After doing another language movie, Kamal did the Tamil movie, Thaayillamal Naan Illai with Tamil actor Rajinikanth and Sri Priya. Then Kamala Haasan and Rajinikanth together acted in the Rocking movie of those days namely Ninaithaaley Inikkum which made some Tamil audience Crazy fans of Kamal and Rajinikanth is a general thought. All the songs of the movie Ninaithaley Inikkum are Evergreen hit with the music of the King of Tamil music, Illayaraja

After another language break, Kamal acted in Tamil movie, Allaudinum Arpudha Vilakkum, holding the main role of the film, with Rajinikanth again!! After acting in another language movie, Kamal acted with the guest appearing role in the Tamil movie, Nool veli with Tamil actor Saradh Babu and Sujatha. 

Then Kamal Hassan acted in the Tamil movie, Kalyana Raaman in which he ruled with his acting performance. Kamal did the dual role in this movie and one of the roles was a village rich man, but poor in knowledge with dislocated teeth look. Kamal had done that role with perfectly matching acting performance. Also in the next movie Pasi, Kamal had done his best. After another language movie, Kamal acted in the Tamil movie Mangala Vaadhiyam with Sri Priya, Neela Malargal with Sri Devi and K.R. Vijaya and Azhiyadha Kolangal acting with one of the best Tamil cinema directors, Prathap Pothan, and Tamil actress Sobha.
Kamal Hassan 80's movies
Kamal Hassan movies in the 80's

Year – 1980: The year 1980 can be said as, one of the relaxing years of Kamal when comparing with the previous year calendar of Kamal Hassan. Kamal acted in Ullasa Paravaigal with Tamil actress Rati. Then Kamal acted in the movie Guru (1980) with Sri Devi and Muthu Raman. In the same year, Kamala Hassan acted in his yet another great movie, Varumayin Niram Sivappu with Sri Devi under the direction of K Balachander. In this movie, Kamal Hassan had done the role of an educated Youngster who is struggling to get a job in the capital of India with his friends. In this movie, Kamal had acted by showing all kinds of expressions like anger, happy, eager, and aggressive and Songs with some smiles. All the songs in this movie are nice to hear. 

After Varumayin niram sivappu, Kamala Haasan acted in the movie Maria My Darling with Tamil actress Sri Priya. Then Kamal acted in Tamil movie Saranam ayyapa (came for a flashing Guest Appearance). At the end of the year, Kamala Hassan acted in the movie Natchathiram, did the guest appearance as himself.

The last movie came in a combination of Kamal and Rajni is Agni Saakshi ( 1982 )

Year – 1981: In the year 1981, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Thillu Mullu as a Guest appearance. This is the time when Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan got different track and captured their success path and Thillu Mullu is the last movie came with the combination of  Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth.

 After doing another language movie, Kamala Hassan acted in the Tamil movie Meendum Kokila with Sri Devi – a Superhit movie. Then in the movie Ram Lakshman, Kamala Hassan acted with an elephant, as the storyline of the movie made Kamal and an elephant growing up as brothers. For acting the movie, Raja Paarvai Kamal got the Filmfare Award for Best Tamil actor. In the movie Raja Paarvai, Kamal had exposed his acting as a blind. After a Hindi movie, Kamal did Tamil movie Kadal Meengal with Sujatha and Ambika. Then Kamal acted in an action movie Savaal with Jai Shankar. After that Kamal acted in the movie Sankarlal and followed by that, Tick Tick Tick which was a romantic thriller story. In the movie Tick Tick Tick, Kamal acted with many Tamil actresses, namely Madhavi, Radha, Nisha Noor, and Swapna. Then Kamal acted in the movie Ellem Inbamayam at the end of that year.

The year 1982 – in the year 1982, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Vaazhvey Maayam with Sri Devi. This movie was a great hit with famous songs like Devi. Sri Devi, Vaazhvey maayam. Indha vaazhvey maayam etc., After acting in 2 numbers of other language movies, Kamal Hassan acted in the Tamil movie, Nandri Meendum Varuga with Tamil director cum actor Prathap Pothan. 

First National Award-winning movie of Kamal Hassan - Moondraam Pirai

Then Kamal acted in one of his career-best movies namely,  Moondraam Pirai with Sri Devi. For the acting performance of Kamal in the movie Moonram Pirai, he got the National Film Award for Best Actor and the Tamilnadu State best actor Award. The acting performance of Kamal Hassan in the climax scene of Moondraam Pirai was the highlight of his acting in that movie. 

After another language movie, Kamal acted in the Tamil movie, Simla Special which was a Superhit. After another language movie, Kamal acted in Sagalakala Vallavan an action movie with actress Ambika. Sakalakala Vallavan was a commercially hit movie. 

Then he did a Cameo role in the movie Rani Theni. After a Hindi movie and another language movie, Kamal acted in the Pagadai Panirendu. Then he did a guest role in the movie Agni Sakshi in which Rajinikanth also acted.

The year 1983: In the year 1983, Kamal Hassan acted in a Hindi movie as a start, then he acted in the Tamil movie, Uruvangal Maralam as a guest role in which Sivaji and Rajinikanth had acted. Then Kamal Hassan acted in Sattam with Tamil actor Sarath Babu. After another language movie, Kamal acted in the Hindi movie, Sadma, and nominated for the Filmfare best actor award is remarkable news. 

Then Kamal acted in the movie Poikkal Kudhiral as a cameo role. Then he did another language movie and acted in the Tamil movie Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey. In the movie. Kamal Hassan did the role of the son of a legendary musician Gemini Ganeshan. 

The year 1984: In the year 1984, Kamal Hassan acted in 4 numbers of Hindi movies in a row. Then he acted in the Tamil movie Enakkul Oruvan and then acted a Hindi movie. Then Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Oru Kaidhiyin Diary, Kamal Hassan acted with Radha with nice songs and storyline.

The year 1985: In the year 1985, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Kaakki Sattai with Tamil hot actresses Madhavi and Ambika. This is one of the cop oriented Tamil movies that Kamal Hassan acted. In this movie, Kamal had maintained his body structure slim and trim to show up himself as a Police line guy. Then Kamal acted in the movie Andha oru Nimidam with Tamil actress Urvashi. In the same year, Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Uyarndha Ullam with Ambika. 

Then he acted in the Hindi movie Saagar well and good and won Filmfare Award for Best Actor in Hindi and by the same time, for the same movie, Kamal was nominated for the Filmfare Award – Best Supporting Actor. Then he acted in another Hindi movie and then straight away came to Tamil and acted in the Tamil movie Mangamma Sabadham. Then he acted in the sequel film of his earlier film, Kalyana raaman with the name Japanil Kalyana Raaman. At the end of the year 1985, Kamal acted in a Hindi movie.

First movie came in combination of Kamal and Vijaya Kanth - Manakanakku ( 1986 )

The first movie came in a combination of Kamal and Sathya Raj - Vikram ( 1986 )

The year 1986: In the year 1986 Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Manakanakku as a Guest appearance with Tamil actor Vijayakanth for the very first time. Then he acted in another language movie and then acted in Tamil movie Naanum Oru Thozhilali. 

Then Kamal Hassan acted in the movie Vikram with Dimple Kapadia and Ambika. Vikram was one of the great expected movies in those days as it was taken with lots of budgets and shot mostly in other countries than India. In this movie, Tamil actor Sathya Raj had done the powerful villain role. 

After doing another language movie, Kamala Hassan acted in the movie Punnagai Mannan which was directed by Tamil cinema legendary director K. Balachander. In the movie, Punnagai Mannan, Kamal had done his nice acting performance with the dual roles that he did as a young dance master and an old man who is a Joker. At the tail end of the year 1986, Kamal acted in the movie December Pookal.

Year 1987: in the beginning of the year 1987 Kamal acted in Kadhal Parisu in which he acted with Tamil actress Ambika. After doing a couple of other language movies, Kamal acted in the movie Per Sollum Pillai which was an AVM Production. Then Kamal Hassan acted in Vetri Vizha with Tamil actor Prabu, Tamil actresses Amala and Kushboo

The first Filmfare Award in Kannada for Kamal was given for Pesum Padam in 1987

Then Kamal acted in his another one of the best career-best movies namely Nayagan which was directed by Tamil leading director Mani Rathnam pairing with Tamil actress Saranya. The story of Nayakan was a clear and strong one with the Tamil don in Mumbai. The screenplay of this movie was also designed exactly and our Ulaga Nayagan’s acting gave support for the story strongly. The result is, the National Film Award for the Best actor again!! This movie has been sent for the Oscars is a buzz about this movie. The movie was dubbed in several languages. Then Tamil acted in a totally different concept in the movie Pesum Padam which was a dubbed movie from Kannada. For this movie, Kamal got the Filmfare Award for the Best Kannada Actor!!

The year 1988: In the year 1988, Kamal acted in the movie Sathya, and Kamal did the role of Producer for this movie. In the movie Sathya, Kamal acted as an energetic youngster who is fighting against social illegal activities. In this movie, Kamal acted with Tamil actress Amala and the song, Valyosai gala gala is an Evergreen. 

Then Kamal acted in the movie Soora Samharam with Tamil actress Nirosha. Then he acted in the movie Unnal Mudium Thambi with Gemini Ganeshan and Tamil actress Seetha. In the movie Unnal mudium thambi, Kamal acted as an energetic youngster who was born as a classical family man. But interested in the social services and using his classical music for the social wake up songs.

The year 1989: The year 1989 can be said the award year for Kamal because he dumped awards for probably all the movies he showed up. Kamal acted in the movie Aboorva Sagodharargal with 3 roles. One of the roles in the father Kamal, then a normal youngster Kamal and the third one is a special and very famous in Tamilnadu that the appu Kamal. The story of the movie aboorva Sahodharargal is revenge based that the appu Kamal is taking revenge on the guys who kill the father Kamal at the first scene of the film. The way how Appu Kamal kills them was scened nicely and technically to the hit of this movie. For this movie, Kamal won the Tamilnadu State Film Awards for Best Actor again. Then he acted 3 number of other language movies in that year.

The year 1990: In the year 1990, Kamal Hassan acted only two movies namely, My dear Marthandan as a Guest Role in which Illaya Thilagam Prabu had done the main role with Kushboo. Then Kamal acted in the Tamil movie Micheal Madana Kama Rajan which is a full flow Comedy movie with the dialogues of Crazy Mohan who has joined with Kamal for a number of movies and worked in the future.

In the year 1991, Kamal acted in only one Tamil film namely Guna as a psychopath who kidnaps a girl and treating her like a queen and protecting her from her uncle who desires for her money and asset. For the movie Guna also Kamal won the Filmfare Award.

The year 1992: In the year 1992, Kamal Hassan acted in a couple of Tamil movies, namely Thevar Mahan and Singara Velan. The movie Singara Velan is a complete comedy movie with the nice comic facial expressions of Kamal with the Tamil Comedians Gaundamani and Vadivelu. The comedy scenes in Singaravelan are EverGreen hit that never dies by the time. 

The movie Thevar Magan was quite different from Singara Velan, that the movie Thevar Magan was with a strong storyline and gave a nice message to the society. In this movie, Kamal acted with Shivaji Ganeshan. The intense screenplay of this movie opened gates for us the audience to see many scenes with peak level performance of Kamal and Shivaji. Vadivelu did a character role in this movie. Gauthami and Revathy acted in this movie as female lead roles. 

The year 1993: In the year 1993, Kamal Hassan acted in the movies Kalaignan and Maharasan. The movie Kalignan was a thriller movie with suspense killer subject. The movie Maharasan was produced by Kamal himself. 

The year 1994: In the year 1994, Kamal Hassan acted a total of 4 number of movies namely Mahanadhi, Magalir Mattum, Duet, and Nammavar. In the movie Mahanadhi, Kamal Hassan acted as a father of 2 children. Among one child is a girl and she is getting raped by a man in his personnel life political trap. 

Then Kamal acted in the film Magalir Mattum and he did the part of the producer role too in this movie. In the movie duet, Kamal Hassan did the Guest appearance with Illaya Thilagam Prabu and Ramesh Arvind in the music of music director A. R. Rahman.

The year 1995: In the year 1995, Kamal Hassan acted in 3 movies totally and one of them is another language film. In the movie, Sathi Leelavathy, Kamal did the role of a family man with actress Kovai Sarala. 

In the Tamil movie Kurudhipunal, Kamal acted as a policeman with Action king Arjun. The movie Kuruthipunal was produced by Kamal himself. This movie had no songs at all. the other specials than the extraordinary acting performance were the role of actor Nasser in this movie.

The year 1996: In the year 1996, Kamal Hassan acted two movies namely Indian and Avvai Shanmugi. The movie Indian is also, one of the best movies in his filmography. The movie Indian was directed by director Shankar. Kamal had done a dual role in this movie, both as a tenant and as an old man. The core story of the movie Indian was with a strong message to the audience that, accepting and offering a bribe is an offense. Kamal Hassan did the role of a youngster who is working in a government sector and the father role is the one who kills all the government employees who are asking bribe from the public people. In a scene of an Indian movie, the father Kamal character goes to kill his own son for asking a bribe.

In the other movie, Avvai Shanmugi, Kamal did the role of a husband who is asked for a divorce from his wife. But, as the husband does not likes to accept the divorce, he puts the get up of an old lady and trying to contact and convince his wife. With this interesting storyline, the movie was most interesting on-screen with the nice action of Kamal with actress Meena.

The year 1997: In the year Kamal acted in the movie Kadhala Kadhala which was another complete comedy based Tamil movie. in this movie, Kamal acted with actor Prabu Deva, actresses Soundharya and Rambha. 

The year 2000: In the year 2000, Kamal Hassan acted in 3 movies namely Hey Ram, Thenali, and Aalavandhan. The movie Hey ram was directed, produced, and written by Ulaga nayagan Kamal Hassan. The movie Hey Ram was based on the Murder of Mahadhma Gandhi. Even though the storyline was a heavy one, Kamal Hassan had done his excellence with that. 

The movie Thenali was a comedy based movie, in which Kamal had done the role of a Sri Lankan Tamilan who is mentally affected man. In this movie, actor Jayaram, actresses Jyothika and Devayani has acted under the direction of KS Ravikumar. 

In the movie Aalavandhaan, Kamal acted in a dual role, one of them is Vijay Kumar – a Military Man and the other one is a mentally affected criminal who does murders. In the movie Aalavandhan, Tamil actresses Manisha Koirala and Raveena Tandon have acted.

The year 2002: In the year 2002, Kamal Hassan acted two movies, one of them is Pancha Thandhiram which is a Comedy movie, a script written by Crazy Mohan and directed by director K. S. Ravi Kumar. In the movie Pancha thandiram, Kamal acted as an Aero Tech Engineer with a mob of artists like actresses, Simran, Devyani, Ramya Krishnan, actors Ramesh Arvind, Nagesh, etc., 

In the movie Pammal K Sammandham, Kamal acted as a bachelor who hesitated to marry for many years and hates marriage. In this movie, Abbas, Sneha, Simran, and others acted. 

In the period of late 1990s and the beginning of the 2000 plus years, Tamil cinema was changing with the introduction of new directors and the existence of legendary artists like Rajni, Kamal, Vijay, and Ajith. The new directors like Selva Raghavan, Bala, Dharani, Gautham Menon, and others were moving the industry in a new positive direction. In these times, the remarkable movies such as Sethu, Kadhal Konden, Dhool. Iyarkai, Minnale got success on big screens with less known faces in those times like Vikram, Dhanush, and others. 

The year 2003: In the year 2003, Kamal Hassan acted in the movies Nala Dhamayandhi and Anbe sivam. In the movie Anbe sivam, the acting of Kamal Hassan was the backbone of the story. The script of the movie Anbe Sivam was written by Tamil actor Kamal Hassan. In the movie Nala Damayanti, Kamal acted in a Guest role.

The year 2004:

In the year 2004, Kamal acted in a couple of movies namely Virumaandi and Vasool Raja. The movie Virumaandi was written, directed, and Produced by Kamal Hassan himself and the result was positive. The core story of the movie Virumaandi is with a strong message and the story was cooked with a village surrounded locations. This movie had Abirami as the pair for Kamal and Pasupathy did one of the major roles. 

The movie Vasool Raja MBBS was a complete comedy movie with the nice performance of Kamal in acting. In the movie Vasool Raja, actor Prabu also acted and actress Sneha did the pair of Kamal in this movie.

The year 2006:

In the year 2006, Kamal acted in the movie Vettaiyadu vilayadu under the direction of director Goutham Vasudev Menon who is one of the big fans of Kamal. The role of Kamal in this movie was a powerful police officer who investigates execution type serial murders and terminates the murders. All the songs reached the audience well with the work of Harris Jayaraj

Kamal Hassan ProfileIn the year 2008, the Kamala Hassan movie Dasavadharam was released with a peak level of expectation and of course, it satisfied the expectations. This movie was directed by director KS Ravikumar. In the movie Dasavadharam, Kamal acted in ten numbers of roles and dumped the awards namely, Tamilnadu State Film Award for Best Actor, Vijay Award for Best Dialogue Writer, Vijay Award for Favorite Hero, Vijay Award for Best Comedian, Vijay Award for Best Villain, and nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Tamil actor. In this movie, Tamil actress Asin Thottumkal did the pairing for Kamal. 

In the year 2009, Kamal acted in Unnaipol Oruvan is a common man who traps four terrorists with some executions and kills them. The way of filming this movie was simple and clear to get success. 

In the year 2010, Kamal acted in the movie Manmadhan Ambu with actor Madhavan and actress Trisha Krishnan. Kamal did the lyrics writing for this movie.
Kamal Hassan in Indian 2
Kamal Hassan in Indian 2

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