Tamil actress Sonia agarwal said Thanks to Selvaraghavan

Tamil movie Kadhal Konden which was released in the year 2003 having the casts - Dhanush, Sonia Agarwal, Nagesh and others under the direction of Selva Raghavan has become one of the best Tamil movies based on love story of this era. Not only the movie but also the background music, songs of the movie done by Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja were also did big in the sales and among the admires of Tamil cinema audience. 

Kadhal Konden was the first main feature film for Sonia Agarwal and that was the second movie as director for Selva Raghavan. 
It was widely spoken that the love affair between Soina Agarwal, Selva Raghavan become at the time of that movie shooting and then Sonia Agarwal was casted in the movies of Selva Raghavan namely Pudhupettai and 7G Rainbow Colony also, she acted as one of the main actresses with Sneha. Also, Sonia Agarwal and Selva Raghavan got married too in the year 2006 and they got mutual divorce in the year 2010. 

As celebrating the completion of 17 years from the release of Tamil movie Kadhal Kondein, actor Dhanush who did the main role in that movie has made a tweet mentioning cult Classic - and expressed his good feel in his tweet. 

Actress Sonia Aggarwal who did the main female role in that movie also has done a tweet as shown in the image below. 

Sonia aggarwal tweet about Kadhal Kondein

In the tweet, Sonia Aggarwal has mentioned greetings to Tamilnadu and her thanks to God and then she has tagged director Selva Raghavan, then Dhanush and also she has mentioned Mr. Kasturi Raja who is a tamil cienma director, father of actor Dhanush and Selva Ragavan. She has again mentioned thanks to all the Tamil cinema audience, technical team of Kadhal Kondein and the artists of  the movie.

Notable things here are, that there are years passed after the divorce of Sonia Aggarwal and Selva Ragavan, there was no response / reaction for the tweet of Sonia aggarwal from Dhanush / Selva Ragavan / Kasturi Raja. 

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