23 May 2020

C R Parthiban

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall look about Profile and Biography of Tamil Actor C R Parthiban including his personnel life, education, cinema journey etc.,
Tamil actor C R Parthiban
C R Parthiban

Place of birth of Tamil actor C R Parthiban - Vellore

Studied in Chennai 

Education : B A Economics  

During the college days of Tamil actor Parthiban he has acted in college dramas. Actor C R PArthiban was inspired by the acting talent of Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan. After finishing up degree, C R Parthiban was working in the Tamilnadu Secretariat. By working there, he was acting in some dramas too in all over the areas of Chennai city and Veera Pandiya Kattabomman is one of them. I made a job application to Gemini studios for a Gumastha position or any such position. But they saw me as an actor. They asked me my current salary, I replied that I am getting 82 rupees. They said they can offer 150 rupees I was still and was thinking then they said they can offer 200 rupess then I dont know what they thought they said they will give 300 rupees. Then I agreed for the job. 

They said that a vehicle will come to pick me up from home and there will be canteen for food at studio. I went and I saw actor Dilip Kumar, the father actor of Amjad khan who acted as villain in Bollywood movie Sholey and I am acting in this movie. So my first / debut movie is a Bollywood movie. After that hindi movie I acted in Tamil movie Pudhumai pithai which came with the dialogue of Kalaingar Karunanidhi. In that movie I acted as the lead for a Drama group and the brother of Tamil actress T R Rajakumari. In the same movie we had Tamil actors Balaiah, Chandra Babu and others. It is quite difficult to act with T R Rajakumari. In that movie my character name is Nallannan and the character name of T R Rajakumari is Inbavalli. That was the period when Kalaingar Karunanidha became M L A for the first time. In that period I got interaction with Tamil actor Puratchi Thalaivar M G R also. 

Then I acted in Tamil movies Irumbu thirai, Vanchi kottai Vaaliban, Motor Sundaram Pillai under Gemeni company. Also acted in other company movies like Annaiyin Aanai. Then MGR and Kalaingar Karunanidhi have become Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. I have also acted with Tamil actress Jaya Lalitha in Tamil movie Moondreluthu. Among these Tamil actor Shivaji only was not in any position. Total number of movies Tamil actor C R Parthiban has acted is 120. I did not realise anything in my life, I was just traveling on the way how life went same like flowing water. I should say that luck favored me. I am seeing that there are many actors acting with big efforts and difficulty but still some movies are not going well. 

I should say that only a few movies like Veera Pandiya Kattabomman and Pudhumai pithan only gave opportunity with lengthy dialogues. I can add some more movies with those 2 movies too such as PAnama PAasama, Sumai thaangi in which I did small roles under the direction of K Balachander and Sri Dhar respectively. Tamil actor Gemini Ganeshan likes me a lot and I do like him. He did BSc and I did B.A. I have acted as friend of Gemini Ganeshan in many movies. 

Also Tamil actor C R Parthiban added the following things. 

Rajaji is a relation for me that we are from same generation called as Chakravarthi. The full form for the initial stands ahead of my name, C stands for Chakravarthi only. I acted in the movie of Rajaji  namely Thikkatra Parvathy and received award too. 

I would not say that these things came out of my work but they came due to the good luck favored me. People are not forgetting me as I have acted in nice movies like Veera PAndia kattabomman which got awards even abroad, and did well in theaters too. I acted in the movie Veera pandia kattabomman and the acting was spoken well and good because of the well written dialogue. I was alerted by Tamil actor Sivaji on carrying the role of JAckson Durai. I dont scare on anything and if I had done so, I would have gone with the wind long ago. I even had close up shots in that movie and if had acted in those kind of tough movies continuously, I might have gone to better place in the industry. But still I managed to act in such big movie and the role Jackson Durai and thus that movie and that role is still in the mind of people. Actor C R Parthiban also added that 

The favorite actor of C R Parthiban is Chandra Babu. There was a big competition in acting between Tamil actors Shivaji and Chandra Babu but still Shivaji managed to win in those healthy competition. Some of the master pieces of Tamil actor Shivaji ganeshan are Palooti Valartha Kili, Viyatnam Veedu, Udhavadha Pasanga, acting with longing life partners such as Thannaiya Petha Ilaneeru Pillaiya Petha Kanneeru and other songs with the lines of Kannadasan too. I am proud that I have acted in 16 number of movies with Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan. 

C R Parthuban added that Tamil actor Shivaji Ganeshan called him and felt happy that the movie Veera Pandiya Kattabomman was one of the most successful movies in his career which also received awards abroad. Shivaji Ganeshan also said that his son Prabu has been acting in many movies but the movie Kozhi Koovudhu in which he acted with C R Parthiban has become a success movie in the career of Tamil actor Prabu. That phone call was a happy moment in my life - actor C R Parthiban said. 
Another interesting moment shared by Tamil actor C R Parthiban was, 

I was coming from Velore to Chennai and the bus hit with a coat. Mob gathered around the bus and demanding money. I made an idea and spread towel on ground and asked the passengers of the bus to put pennies on the towel and they did too. The collected money of 200 Rs solved that situation. This thing came in news too. I should say that the chance I got to act with MGR, Ravi Chandran, Jay Shankar, Kamal and Rajni are luck in my life. The speed of Rajni is the reason that he is celebrated by people. I acted with Rajni in the movie Moondru Mugam. Rajni has small hip. Once, I said to him that if the hip is small, life would be good and if the hip is big life shall be small. Then Rajni asked me back, what what what in his style, then the followed scenes came well. 

I cant forget the movie Kozhi Koovudhu which has the famous song, Annae Annae Sippai annae. That song was shoot at mid night 12 o clock. The fun in that is, I dont know much dancing and I have had to dance for that song. I did manage and danced for that song. In that song, Prabu had danced well too. I even mentioned that that movie would go well in cinemas for this song itself. That movie became the first hit movie for Prabu. That movie also gave good name for me like how I got in the movie Veera Pandia Katta Bomman which was with the father of actor Prabu, Shivaji. The last movie of Tamil actor C R PArthiban is Chinna Vaathiyar and he has acted in Thikkatra Paarvathy which was directed by the same director of Chinna Vaathiyar namely Singeetham Seenivasa Rao. 

I might have gone better distance in cinema but things have to happen to us will only happen for us.  I just want to live the remaining life peacefully that all I want. This is how C R Parthiban finished his interview. 

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