Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

In this page of Tamil cinema bio, we shall look about one of the latest interviews of Tamil actress Jyothika which was recorded in the end of 2019. 
Tamil actress Jothika Latest Interview

Acting with Tamil actor Surya is difficult, acting with Tamil actor Karthi is easy: Jyothika. Acting with Surya is difficult. Jyothika said in an interview with Tamil movie Thambi that it was easy with Karthi. Thambi is a film directed by Jeetu Joseph and starring Karthi, Jyothika, Sathyaraj, Sowkar Janaki, Aswant and others. Jyothika's younger brother Suraj produced this film under Vikom banner based on getting first copy of print basis. Govind Vasanths composed music, All the work of the film completed and film will be released on December 20.
In an interview with with Jyothika on the film, she said I have settled in Chennai, I started acting at the age 17. I never spent a lot of time with my brother. That was sad. We both talked a lot during the shoot of Thambi. Acting with Surya is difficult. Acting with Karthi is easy. Because when you play with Surya often get into petty fights. Although there are many characters, I would only accept the film if I had the chance to act. There many scenes to prove my competency in Thambi story. Some people call me Pompala Kamal. There is no agreement on that. If Pompala Kamal is in the cinema it will be Urvasi madam only, because no can act like her. Many of my reactions will not be there in the film. I don't like acting the same way. I am not old enough? Though Karthi plays a younger brother role in Thambi, there are no scenes where she beats him. I have acted as a mother so far and never acted as a sister. This was new experience for me. My couple in the film is suspense. Jyothika has thus spoken.

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