Casts and Crew and complete review of Tamil movie Kaalidas 2019

In this page of Tamil Cinema bio, we shall look about one of the latest movies released in the end of 2019 namely Kalidass in which Tamil actor Bharath has done the lead role male.
Tamil movie Kalidhas 2019 - Bharath and Ann

Casts and Crew of Tamil movie Kaalidhas 2019;

Main lead role male - Bharath

Main lead role female - Ann Sheetal

Other actors - Suresh menon, Velraj, Palaya joke Thanga durai, Priya Dharsini and others.

Director - Sri Senthil

Producer - V. Bhargavi, M S Srinivasan etc.,

Music - Vishal Chandrasekar

Release date of Tamil movie Kalidhas - 13 December 2019

Story line and Review of Tamil movie Kalidhas:

To say the story in short, Bharath is a police inspector who deals with a chain deaths with similar scenarios and on the other hand, the unhappy personnel life of Bharath with his wife. If Bharath finds solution for the similar deaths and did he solve his personnel problem or not is the story of Kaalidass.

Bharath has done good acting in this movie with his mature acting in all the scenes without crossing the limit to be maintained in acting. He is looking fit for this police inspector role having good physique, look and body language. The screen presence of Suresh Menon has added value for the scenes those have the presence of him. The acting of the heroin Ann Sheetal looks matured especially towards the climax in which she has expressed different acting. I personally felt that this is one of the best chances given for the comedian Palaya joke Thanga Durai. But he might have used it better is my opinion.

Music has been done as per the situations of the movie and the same has added more emotions to the audience with the background score. Even though there are songs in this crime story, the songs are not breaking the sequence of the scenes. Art work, especially with the living house of Bharath has been well prepared and it has been portrayed as a poet in some scenes. One of the significant drawbacks of this movie is the speed of it. Some of the scenes might have been trimmed such as long chases by car, running, bike etc.,

Overall movie is well crafted around a crime, how it is done, witnesses around the crime and all the person who are related to the crime plus the personnel life of Bharath. Nowadays watching a movie which is completely talking about one single line of story and its related things. In that way, Kalidhas is one of the few must-watch movies of 2019.

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