Tamil Movie Alaudinin Arputha Camera - Overview

Tamil Movie Alaudinin Arputha Camera - Overview

Alaudhinin Arputha Camera is a fantasy Tamil Film expected to release shortly, mostly
on the 19 th of April, 2019. The story revolves around an ‘Arputha Camera’ (magical
camera) of Alaudin. As the name suggest it is about an unusual camera. The story is
evolved out of a series by name ;The Twilight Zone written by Sri Naveen. The series was directed and produced by Sri Naveen.
Naveen and Anandi for Alauddinin Arputha Camera

The leading man of the film, Alaudhin (played by Hero Naveen) has in his procession an
Arputha (special) camera with mysterious powers. The villain is trying to take it away from
the hero. In between the leading lady of the film, who is a pick pocket, try to pick the pocket
of leading man and in the process come close together and become lovers in the film. They go
to various European countries, namely Switzerland , Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine
where the outdoor location shootings are done.

The film Alaudhinin Arputha Camera is an action packed fantasy cinema mostly shot
abroad at various locations. Though Naveen’s earlier directed film released in 2013
was a box office hit, he did not direct or produce any cinema till now. He was busily
occupied in writing another film story ‘Kolanji’. The fate of the film Kolanji is not yet

In the film ‘Alaudhinin Arputha Camera’ Moodar Koodam fame Sri Naveen is the writer,
actor, director, and producer.

Stars of Alaudhinin Arputha Camera:

Sri Naveen, who wrote the story, directed and produced the film, is in the stellar role.
S Nanthagopal is the Villain – leading negative role actor – of the film. He is already a popular
actor in Tamil Cinema world. Other important actors are Athiyappan Siva, Kuberan, and
Venkatesh (VK).

The leading lady actor of the film is Ms Anandhi who is famous for her films Kayal &
Pariyerum Perumal. Her next expected films are Vicharana, Visaranai, Chennai
Chinnodu and Kaali.

Directed by: ‘Moodar Koodam” Naveen. This is the 2 nd film directed by Naveen after his Debut
film ‘Moodar Koodam’. This is after a 5 years gap.
Produced by: ‘Moodar Koodam’ Naveen. He has produced the film under the banner ‘White
Shadow Productions’.

Music and Music composition: Natarajan Sankaran. He was the composer and director of
music for an earlier film Moodar Koodam.

Cinematography is done by K A Batcha.

Editing work is done by Kirubakaran Purushothaman.

Shooting of the film is done abroad spread over many countries.

The next expected film of Naveen is Agni Siragugal with Vijay as the actor.

As mentioned earlier, Naveen’s Alaudhinin Arputha Camera is expected to be a box office
big hit, as his earlier directed low budget film Moodar Koodam was a big success and
received lot of praises in the film world.

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