13 April 2019

Tamil Actress Easha Rebba - Profile and Biography - Age, Caste, Religion, Mother Language, Family details etc

In this page we shall see the profile ,biography,height,weight body measurements,upcoming films, boyfriends, affairs etc of Tamil actress Easha Rebba

Name                                  Easha Rebba

Other names                       Easha

Occupation                         Actor, Model

Nationality                          Indian

Religion of Tamil actress Easha Rebba : Hindu

Mother Tongue                   Telugu

Place of Birth                       Warrangal, Telengana

Home Town                          Warrangal

Current City                           Hyderabad

Date of birth                           19.4.1990

Age                                         28

Qualification                           MBA

Zodiac Sign of Tamil actress Easha Rebba : Aries

Hobbies                                  Dancing, reading, travelling , watching movies

Height                                    165cm

Weight                                    52Kg

Shoe size of Tamil actress Easha Rebba :  8US

Hair colour                                                 Black

Eyes colour                                                Brown

Body build                                                medium

Favourite Actor Aamir Khan

Favourite Actress Deepika Padukone

Favourite Film Bahubali

Favourite car Audi

Favourite colours Black, Dark Blue

Favourite Destinations Switzerland, Bangkok

Favourite Country India

Favourite Sports Cricket

Favourite food Rajma , Pizza

Favourite fruit Banana

Favourite City Hyderabad

Boy friends None

Affairs None

Favourite Advertisement - Tulip

Twitter Https/twitter.com/yourEasha

Debut movie AnthakaMudu AaTarvatha-2013-Telugu

Debut film in Tamil - Oyee -opposite Geetham Britto

Debut movie in Kannada - SRK

List of films acted by Tamil actress Easha Rebba - 11- one yet to be released

AnthakaMudu Aa Tarvatha, Bandipotu

Oyee -Tamil , opposite Geetham Britto

Ami Thumi, Maya mall Darsekudu, Awe, Brand Balu, AravindaSametha Veera Raghava,Subramaniyapuram ,

Savvyasachi - cameo appearance

SRK - Kannada - yet to be released

List of awards won by Tamil actress Easha Rebba

Zee Telugu apsara award for Telugu - Ammayi

49cine goers Award for best actress

Best sensational Heroine for Ami Thumi

Interesting news of Tamil Actress Easha

Born in Warrangal in April 1990 into a Telugu family she did her schooling in a private school in Hyderabad.Later she did her masters in Business Administration. She was brilliant as a student though she had her hear set on acting in her early days.

She took to modelling where she was noticed by Mohan Krishna IndraGanti who gave her a break as the leading lady in the film AnthakaMudu Aa Tarvatha, which went on to become super duper hit. This film not only for fame and name for her but was also nominated for the best film at the International Film festival in South Africa in 2013.
This brilliant Tamil actress known for her versatility and histrionics has won three awards.

Her debut in Tamil was the film Oyee opposite Geetham Britto..

She had also done s cameo in the film - Savvyasachi.

Her debut movie in Kannada is SRK which shoukd be released soon.

This fun Loving Tamil actress Easha Rebba enjoys partying with family
Friends and colleagues.

This multi talented Tamil actress is all set to conquer the Tinsel world in all the languages shortly.

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