Tamil Actor Director Naveen Marriage, Wife name

Photo of Tamil actor director Naveen with his wife

Moodar Goodam Naveen got married suddenly. 

Naveen, a new director and actor has got good reputation in the film industry through his first film Moodar Koodam. At present Naveen is acting and directing the movie Alauddinin Arputha Camera in which Kayal Anandhi is acting along with Naveen. This film is going to be released soon. In continuation to this, Naveen is directing Vijay Antony in an action thriller movie which is being produced by D.Siva on behalf of Amma Creations. Arjun reddy's Shalini Pande is playing the role of heroine. 
Naveen said that he got married Sindhu ( name of wife of Tamil cinema director Naveen ) through registered marriage. He further said that the couple have loved each other and they don't believe in cast and they believe and follow rational path Naveen also said that Sindhu will always be Sindhu and the couples are not against cast and culture, they are the believer of human equality.

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