Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath | Age | Height | Weight | Mother Language | Education

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath
Profile and Biography of Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath | Age | Height | Weight | Mother Language | Education

In this page we shall get a glimpse of the upcoming Tamil actress, the most gorgeous ,glamorous and chic Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath with regard to her biography like height, weight, age , her likes/ her boy friend etc

Name                                        Shilpa Manjunath

Other names                              Shilpa

Occupation                                Acting/ Modelling

Nationality                                Indian

Religion                                     Hindu

Mother Tongue                          Kannada

Home Town                               Bangalore

Place of Birth                            Bangalore

Date of Birth                             29.9.92

Age                                           26 years

Father's name                           Manjunath

Boy friend                                Unknown

Marital status                            Single

Languages Known                   Tamil/ Kannada/ English

Height                                       163 cm

Weight                                        60 Kg

Body measurement                   32- 29. 31

Body size of Shilpa Manjunath  Slim

Body shape                               Hour glass

Colour of Hair                           Brown

Colour of eye                             Black

Zodiac sign of Shilpa Manjunath          Virgo

Favorite Pass time                   Watching movies/ shopping/dancing/ singing

Her strength                               Voice

Fear for Height

Education                                B.E. in Electronics and communication

College                                    Vishweswariyah Technological University

Social Media https//www.,1
//twitter. com/ shilpa manjunat//www. /Shilpa Manjunath official

First movie of Shilpa Manjunath - Rosappoo ( Malayalam )

Debut film of Shilpa in Tamil - Kaali

Number of Films acted by Tamil actress Shilpa - 6

Number of Tamil films acted by Shilpa- 2

2018 - Kaali ( opposite Vijay Antony) and directed by Krithika Udayanithi

2019 - Ispade Rajavum and Idhya Raniyum ( opposite Harish Kalyan )- directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi

Number of Kannada movies acted by Shilpa Manjunath - 3

Number of Malayalam films acted by Shilpa Manjunath -1

T.V.Shows of Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath

Life Super Guru - A Kannada reality show

Awards and Recognition for Tamil actress Shilpa

2013 - Miss Karnataka

Interesting news of Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath

Born into a Kannadiga family in Bangalore Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath had her schooling in Bangalore. She did her Engineering in Electronics and Communication in Visweswariah Technological University, Karnataka.

In 2013 she won the Miss Karnataka award.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath then was an amazing participant in the Kannada reality show Life super Guru.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath made her entry in the film world with a Malayalam film Rosapoo opposite Neeraj Madhav.She essayed with ease the role of Sandra in this film which was directed by Vinu Joseph.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath has also acted in 3 Kannada films namely, Striker, Neevu Kere Maadida Chandadaru.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath debut movie in Tamil was the Vijay Antony starrer Kaali . Before selecting her as the heroine for the film the director of the Movie Tamil film director Kruthika Uthaynidhi Stalin had a video call with her first. Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath had her own doubts whether Shilpa would fit in the village belle looks given her modern Tomboyish background. However the director had sent her assistants to take a screen test with a villager costumes on her. Then she was satisfied and transformed her to an unassuming nonchalant rural Lass Parvathi. The film had earned her fame and name.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath latest film that has hit the screen quite recently , Ispade Rajavum and Idhaya Raniyum is a romantic action thriller. Her hero in the film is the Big Boss -1 fame Harish Kalyan. When her manager informed her about the role she was very hesitant to accept the offer as it had very intimate romantic scenes. But the way the director had narrated the story she could not say no to it and Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath simply loved her character Tara and tried to live it on screen.

So far Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath feels that her role as Parvathi in Kaali was the most challenging one for her. For she had to undergo a literal u turn ,a total a 360 degree change from the very ultra modern Bangalore girl Shilpa the Miss Karnataka 2013 to a typical traditional village belle. All along she had only been wearing ultra modern outfits and had never had bangles on her hand , or a pottu on her forehead and never ever worn a chudidar before. In fact she had never ever been to a village before the shoot of the film in the real villages. Getting into the shoes of Parvathy was a real challenge for her . But she did it with aplomb. Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath had observed the language, the body language , the talk, the walk, the nod, the way the sari was worn and the way the pallu was held by the woman folk in the villages - the location of the shooting spot, Being a good learner she picked up the lessons quickly under the tutorship of another woman the director of the film Kruthika Uthaynithi. The audience did not see Shilpa at all they only saw Parvathy a very typical familiar rural girl especially in the song Arumbae.

Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath gives all the credit for her performance and success in the role of Parvathi to Kruthika ( who was the first to see the village belle Parvathi in her while she was in her ultra modern attire. ) whom she considers as the best director of Tamil Cinema.

Another reason for her success in the role of Parvathi according to her - However modern any Indian girl is , Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath is very much traditional inside. Any girl would love to dress like a bride with long hair and traditional silk sarees which was brought out so beautifully on celluloid by Tamil film director Kruthika Uthaynaidhi .

Then there was this scene where she and the Hero Vijay Antony had to do a romantic sequence 100 feet above the ground on a slender branch. It was then Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath realized that she was very scared of heights. Over and above this she had to walk ,sing, dance and romance. with the hero. Though she was securely tied with a rope to a branch she felt terrible and frustrated. Alhough Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath was shivering Vijay Antony the hero gave her all the support and the shoot was successfully completed.

During the shoot Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath was criticized for her poor Tamil diction. But all liked her voice. Though some had criticized her choice to select the role of a married girl in an abusive relation ship, many had appreciated her performance and the Tamil film Industry began to take notice of her.

When Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath manager suggested that she accept the role of Tara in the film Ispade Rajavum and Idhaya Raniyum she was reluctant as it had some very intimate hot romantic scenes. But the way the story was narrated by the director made her give her the nod .After listening to the script she decided to give more than what Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath was capable for the role. So she learnt Tamil and for the first time did her dubbing herself.She felt proud to learn and master the oldest classiest and aesthetic semmozhi language Tamil.

When Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath went to the theater to watch the movie she was so thrilled for the audience enjoyed every scene.They lauded, applauded , whistled danced and what not .She was overwhelmed during the climax when she witnessed the audience come to the edge of their seats with tears from the edge of their eyes. It was then she realized that Tamil actress Shilpa Manjunath and the entire crew of the film had delivered what the audience really wanted.

The chemistry between her and the hero Tamil actor Harish Kalyan was so good. When she saw the film she was so thrilled to see the amazing performance of Harish and she felt that she should have done even a shade or two better to match his brilliant performance, However super actor Vijay Sethupathy was in all praise for her exceptional performance as Tara which had won the hearts of all alike and won their sympathy.

With so much accolades from all directions and all sections Shilpa has come to stay and shine not merely in such challenging roles like Parvathy and Tara but as one of the top heroines in the Tamil film Industry which has been her dream. May her dream come true soon.

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