Tamil Cinema News - 01 January 2019

New award for Tamil Cinema Music Director Illayaraja

The singers and performers who sing Maesrtro Ilayaraja’s songs in concerts and shows have to pay Royalty as under –

Photos : Ilayaraja Press Meet Pictures, Images - 545579 ...A Category – ( Singers like SP.Balasubramanian, Hariharan,K.J.Yyesudoss, Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra etc) 20 lakhs for shows abroad.
B Category – 15 lakhs   C category – 10 lakhs.
Concerts in open grounds  - 75,000/ Shows organized by private organizations -1.5 lakhs.
Shows in hotels – 30000/-
The Royalty will be collected by  the musician’s association. In the mean time the film producers association has demanded a share of the Royalty to the producers community too. If the music director is the mother of a song then the producer who pumps in the money for the whole project is the father and he definitely deserves a share from the revenue thus generated .How, how much and other modalities  of the sharing ratio have to be worked out. They have asked Mr  Elayaraja for suggestions about their appeal.  

New Car bought by Tamil Actress Nayantara:

Actress Nayanthara Hot Stills Collection ~ World Cinema NewsBeing the number one in the Tamil Industry for quite sometime now..doing roles at par with the heroes in a male dominated Industry, charging the highest for an actress in the Tamil Industry with her love affair going steadily and almost on the verge of culminating in to a wedding  Nayanathara  has now purchased a Jagaur.  Nayantara already has a BMW car which she uses for outstations only. This latest addition Jaguar will be used by her exclusively  for her local  requirements.

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