Tamil movie 2.0 Story line and Overview

Tamil movie 2.0 Story line and Overview

The official launch was held at A.V.M. STUDIOS Chennai in a low key due to heavy rains in Tamilnadu during December 2015.The film shoot comenced in Chennai in December 2015, then to DELHI. From October 2017 to January 2018 to April 2018 and finally to November 2018 there was an inordinate delay in the release of the movie due to reasons beyond control like ill health of the Hero and the delay in visual effects and other technical snags and the perfectionist that he is, Director Shnakar would never ever compromise in quality right from the script to VFX. 

So to keep the audience busy and to sustain their interest till the release of the film LYCA PRODUCTIONS producer A. Subaskaran released a video. . Story line of this grand endeavour In Yanthiran Chitti is retrieved by Professor Bohra after Vaseegaran dismantles him..He is back again to wreck the country..taking various forms to cause mayhem metamorphosing into different EVIL forms.After facing a threat beyond the present comprehension and understanding of Science the Government seeks the help of Scientist to overcome the threat. Doctor Vaseegaran assembles GOOD Chitti to fight against the evil. What makes 2.0 the talk of the tinsel world... India's first 175 million dollar block bluster movie The VFX has set high standards and carried out in 15 studios across the globe at par with Hollywood standards. 

Director Shankar deserves special mention for getting VFX and graphics perfect to a T.. Three LILTING songs tuned by A.R.REHMAN- PULLINANGAL written by the late NAA Muthukumar and Enthiran logathu Sundariye, Rajali both by MADHAN KAARKI. Trailer 2.0 with its teaser released on Ganesh Chathurthi has rocked the digital world by mopping 140 million views ( only shows how much the movie has been awaited by movie goers far and wide). It was also released in 2D and 3 D theaters . The 3D had received positive feedback exceeding expectations. The makers of the movie teased the audience with behind the scenes footage of the movie. The movie would also be released in 14 other languages. Akshaykumar in his fiendish avatar - His ardent fans cannot see his robust physique. smart face, handsome personality or his distinct voice..His fierce evil face in the film will send shivers down your spine..

The long spiked eyebrows and cannibalistic teeth is a terror and a horror.Thanks to the advanced sound technology..that can change a voice to any degree.. Rasool pookutty and director Shankar have tirelessly got the near perfect voice for his beastly and ghastly demeanour. . GIANT size bird cage formed out of hundreds of destructive Chitties.. Good Chitti shoots all destructive chitties that are approaching from different directions.. Hurray welcome 2.0 a red carpet awaits you across the globe.

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