Tamil Movie 2.0 Overview

Two Point O - 2.0 Overview:

Two Point Zero (2.0 )..A CURTAIN .RAISER - Written by M.Chidambaram

While the Tropical Cyclone Gaja made a landfall in Vedharanyam, Nagapattinam District in Tamilnadu the MAGNUM OPUS ..2.0, the spiritual successor of YANTHIRAN, Director Shankar's dream project and the most expensive Indian movie ever.. is all set to take the whole world by storm on 29th of November 2018..

Ever since its inception this biggest 3D spectacle..has been grabbing the headlines promising out of the world visual experiences, action stunts and sequences that match International standards.
The diehard fans of Super Star Rajnikanth are all gearing for the release of 2.0, India's very own Science fiction visual effects extravaganza.The jaw dropping visuals would enchant the movie goers like never before. 

Look at the architects of this movie.. each a legend and a crowd puller in their own way... Super star Rajnikant, Bollywood star AKSHAY KUMAR, A.R. REHMAN, DIRECTOR Shankar, British actress AMY JACKSON. This classic combo has really jelled so well into an ideal team that has left no stone unturned..to make it a spectacular delight and beyond for the movie buffs.

The comercial success of Yanthiran..has prompted the think tank of Yanthiran to go for a sequel. However Director Shankar was initially sceptical about the feasibility of the project. But once Lyca productions jumped in the fray to finance the project everything gradually fell in place into a perfect shape.

THE preproduction started in June 2015.With noted writer Jayamohan romped in for writing the dialogues, Rasool kutty for sound desining, Mary e. vogt designer for special costumes, Kenny Bates ..Stunt choreographer..John Hughes and Walt Jones for visual effects, Animotrics works for Legacy effects.

Arnold Schwazenegger was first approached for a role.. but ..the staggering amount that was demanded proved to be a stumbling block. Finally after several leading stars were approached.. AKSHAY KUMAR perfectly fitted the bill and the caste.The Bolly wood superstar has never essayed sucha charecter before. He has undergone a massive transformation spending hours in the green room. The crew of 2.0 has admired at the Style of the superstar when he brushed the dust from his pant... Akshay Kumar a die hard fan of the superstar says that there is only one Thalia and that's Rajnikanth..

Adil Hussain, Sudanshu Pandey and our very own Riyaz Khan in support roles.Interestingly AISHWARYA Rai does a cameo as well.

Author - M.Chidambaram

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