Tamil movie KodiVeeran - Review, Complete Story

In this page of Tamil cinema bio. we shall look about Tamil movie Kodi Veeran in which Tamil actor Sasi Kumar has done the lead role.

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Tamil movie Kodi Veeran - Story Line:
 The basic story of Kodi Veeran is the quarrel, violence between the hero and villain of the movie. This simple story line has been narrated with the back ground of brother sister and other relationships in villages. The first half of the movie is making us to get confused and to under estimate the connection between the sister and brother relationships in the second half, but the second half has connected the different characters and their relationships together well and good.

Tamil Movie Kodi Veeran - Review:

The way how the director has portrayed the village related scenes and the relationships in village, are too good that he is capable of taking us to the village houses by the silver screen. As we saw in the story line, there are many relationships have been shown in the movie, among them, there are 3 sisters and their brothers have been talked about in the first half and the way how they have connected during the interval block of the movie Kodi Veeran.

With these positive points of the Movie Kodi Veeran, one of the biggest draw backs of the movie is the slowly moving scenes towards the interval and after the interval. About acting performance, acting of Tamil actor Sasi Kumar is well and good, after him, the acting of Tamil actress Shanusha is good and the acting of Vidharth also good. Other than this, the story, screenplay and dialogue are so normal except the interval block. Other technical things of the movie such as Cinematography, Editing and music are professional.

Over all, if you like the previous movies came in the combination of director Muthiah and Sasi Kumar such as Kutty puli and Maruthu, you may also like this movie - Kodi Veeran.

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