Tamil Actor Vishal Angry speech about the death of Producer Ashok Kumar

Tamil Cinema Producer-Director Ashok Kumar committed suicide at his residence in Chennai. The police authorities has received a letter written by Director Ashok Kumar before his attempt to suicide. He has mentioned the reason for the suicide in that letter. For the details regarding the message in the suicide letter and to see the image of the suicide letter you can click this link.

Tamil Cinema Producer Ashok Kumar is a Co-Producer of Upcoming Tamil Movie Kodiveeran. This will be the last movie that he had produced.Producer Ashok Kumar has mentioned in the letter about the tortures he faced by a financier named Anbu Cheziyan which made him to take this decision.

Tamil Cinema Producer Ashok Kumar's death has shocked the whole Tamil Film Industry. Regarding this a press meet was given by Actor Vishal who is the President Of Tamil Producers Sangam .He said like everyone should have understood the reason behind the death of Producer Ashok Kumar from the letter he has written before the suicide attempt.People are continuously facing problems because of the usury interest and now a leading producer who has given excellent movies has left his life because of the same issue.Producer Ashok Kumar has faced a lot of difficulties in making his new movie KodiVeeran in which he was a Co Producer along with his Cousin Producer Sasi Kumar is waiting to be getting released on November 30th.He said each and every producer face lot of financial crisis before releasing a movie and even he is been one among them who has got debts and paid usury interest for getting his movie released.He insisted that Producer Ashok Kumar's death will be the last and felt very sorry for his two daughters and family.As head of Tamil Producer Sangam he gave a warning to all Financiers that if anyone insist usury interest or more interest or try to harass or threaten anyone strict Police actions will be taken against them.

Actions will be taken and punishments will be given to financier Anbu Cheziyan and concerned people who are related to the death of Producer Ashok Kumar.Only then his soul will rest in peace.There has been more problems registered like this until now and even Actor Vishal ,Director Gautham Menon,Actor Partheeban has been affected by this.Henceforth he requested the Police to take action against Anbu Cheziyan even if he gets any recommendation from any ministers or even from any higher authority.He also requested all producers to come together and can pay all the debts.There are about Fifty financiers who are giving funds for Tamil Cinema Industry and many are facing controversies which is still been not shown out.So he said that Producer Ashok Kumar's death will cause a revolution in Tamil Film Industry and only actions will be taken hereafter for all those who harass or torture anyone in the industry.He left the place with a heavy heart

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