Young Tamil Cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy died

Young Tamil Cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy died

The young director Kannan Rangaswamy died because of heart attack. One of the movies directed by Tamil cinema director Kannan Rangasaamy is Dhaayam. Age of Tamil Cinema director Kannan Rama Swamy is just 29. Release date of Tamil movie Dhayam directed by Kannan Ranga Swami was in the month of March 2017. This movie has taken in single room and the subject was interesting as if an interview going on in  single room with a lot of twists. Even though the movie did not go well in Box Office, the director had expectation among the Tamil cinema audience for his next movie and he was preparing for his next story. 

In this situation, director Kannan Rangaswami had a heart attack on 23 September 2017, immediately they took him to the hospital, after the so much struggle doctor saved him it seems. But since the constant cardiac problem, they admitted him in Jipmer hospital, Pondicherry ( name of hospital where director Kannan Rangaswami was admitted ).

Director Kannan Rangaswamy was under treatment in that hospital for some days. As the health condition of director Kannan Rangaswamy did not improve, he went to coma for past 15 Days.
On October 29, 2017 at 5 am again he got heart attack, the doctors tried to give treatment to save him but the treatment was helpless, as the result he passed away. One of the important thing noted in the death of Tamil cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy is his age. He was just 29 years old when he died.

Early Life of Tamil Cinema director Kannan Rangasaamy:

Tamil cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy’s father and mother passed away long back itself. He made his debut by staying in a men’s hostel. He has never worked as assistant director before with anyone. Dhayam is a first movie to Tamil cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy. He is one of the very talented and young directors of Tamil Cinema. Tamil cinema director Kannan Rangaswamy has done his direction course in New York.

The death of this tamil cinema director has made the whole industry in sorrow.

Author : Shobna

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