Tamil movie Sakka Podu Podu Raja Trailer Launch event - Complete Details

Santhanam was one among the leading comedians of Tamil Cinema Industry. He was introduced as hero in Vallavanuku Pullum Aayutham movie.From then on wards he started acting as hero's in films.Even though there are many rumors revolving around Tamil actor Santhanam ,his next movie Sakka Podu Podu Raja trailer was released by the team in front of his friends and press.

This film is a remake of Telugu Film Loukyam. During the release of Sakka Podu Podu Raja film trailer producer,director, Actress Vabhavi, Actor Arya, Director Rajesh and Comedian Mayilsaamy were there present at the scene.The whole program was organized by famous TV anchor Adams.He invited each and every celebrity to the stage with his jovial and funny talks.Actor Santhanam was also making fun of Adams while anchoring in the stage.Actor Santhanam got his identification as a comedy actor from the film Siva Manasula Shakthi which was directed by Rajesh.

Tamil Cinema director Rajesh Speech at Tamil movie Sakka Podu Podu Raja Trailer Launch event:

             Director Rajesh started his speech stating that he is feeling happy after seeing the trailer of this film. He also said like the trailer has come well. Santhanam acted as a comedian in his film and he declared the upcoming movie of Tamil Actor Santhanam will be directed by himself under the production of Thenandal Films Tamil actor Santhanam is acting as hero in that film. He criticized him stating that after seeing Santhanam's life situations he need's to keep two or stunt sequence in the film. He laughed and said like only after seeing the trailer he said that and not with any other intention.Then he said a big change has occurred, Sathanam's self confidence has increased a lot.He believed himself and his fans a lot.Only because of that this change has occurred.He has traveled as a good friend along with Santhanam from his first film.He has seen few song sequence and said it was nice and screenplay was good.He praised Simbhu and said music has come good. Simbhu accepted this movie only because of the friendship between Tamil actor Simbu and Santhanam. Same as him producer VTV Ganesh has put in lot of efforts for the good output of the movie.He wants the film to be more classy.After this movie Santhanam will stand as a leading hero in Tamil Film industry.Thus ended his speech.

Tamil cinema director Sethuraman speech in Sakka Podu Podu Raja Trailer Launch:

Then came Director Sethuraaman and started stating that this day is very important to him in his life.He conveyed his thanks to Santhanam.Only because of him he succeeded this.He said Santhanam
stands as an example for friendship.Then he spoke about VTV Ganesh stating that he will always think big and always tells everyone to think big.They have used all big technicians in this film. Screenplay by Abhimanyu,Raju Sundram,Kanal Kannan and a big team has worked in this movie.This was made possible by VTV Ganesh.Then he spoke about Tamil actor Simbu who is been introduced as music director of this movie.When a situation is given to Simbu and asked for a song he used to give the songs on the spot itself.And then he said that he has no words to tell about Abhimanyu and art director Umesh ,then he left the stage.

Tamil actor VTV Ganesh Speech at Sakka Podu Podu Raja movie Trailer Launch:

Then Adams announced the crowd as he welcomes the owner of a very bold voice.VTV Ganesh then steps up the stage asking Adams to stop teasing.Adam then pauses Ganesh and tells two lines about him.Like he has signed inside ladies heart and made lady fans to come behind him. Tamil actor Santhanam then gave a counter stating Ganesh has given money to all ladies.

Ganesh then started telling that this film will not be the same as other Santhanam's film.He mentioned this as mass film.When he heard the script itself he thought music should be very special.And so he reached out to Simbu.At once Simbhu accepted and said that since Santhanam is acting as hero he accepted the offer.Also he added that Santhanam's earlier films songs did not get any big music hits so he said we should do it in a higher level.So they went to Georgia for making of the songs.

Reason for delay in Sakka Podu Podu Raja release date:

They completed the shooting within 21 days but was unable to release the film because they did not have enough money to release it.That was the time when government brought the rule of demonetization.So they were unable to pay salary for the labors.They faced a lot of problems.Since Actor Simbu was the music director of the film,Yuvan Shankar Raja and Aniruth sang songs in this film.Audio mastering was done in London and Simbu was suffering from fever.He was unable to attend the function.So Aniruth took the responsibility and informed all about the event to Simbu over phone.So he thanked them for that.

He informed that Tamil actor Santhanam has maintained his diet for this movie.He practiced music,dance fight specially for this movie.He worked a lot and said he is satisfied a lot with the team.And Simbu also delivered all the six songs within one month to the team.So they concentrated more on songs because of Simbu's music in this film.

Tamil actor arya speech at Sakka podu podu raja trailer launch:

Then Adams came up to the stage to call the next person.He gave a poetic intro for Actor Arya and called him over to the stage.Arya then started saying that Santhanam used to have many scripts for himself while action as a comedian itself. Even today he brought script for talking in this stage.He said he likes Santhanam's acting.Now he has been introduced as an action hero.We all use to worry how Santhanam will do action movies So for that reason itself he has done action sequence in his real life.Arya then gave a punch dialogue for that situation.When he saw all film posters Santhanam was without his shirts,he said people really need guts to do that.Santhanam is a great hard worker.He congratulated Santhanam.Then he thanked Simbhu for making music and also mentioned that Simbu did this only of the friendship he had with Santhanam.

Tamil actor Santhanam controversial speech in Sakka Podu Podu Raja Triler Launch:

Finally the thanks giving speech was given by the hero of the film. When Santhanam said that his film's trailer is going to be get released,Actor Arya did not believe that.Facing all drastic situations this function is been organized.Then he spoke about Actor Arya saying that Only after joining with him he felt the importance of health.During the shooting of Boss Engira Baskaran both use to do cycling.He said like Arya is the main reason for him to do all exercise.If Arya alone has used his time in shooting instead of doing exercise he would have been a great actor in Hindi and also  mentioned cinema is only a time pass for Arya. Often Arya used to think to take his bicycle and come for the shooting spot.

Next he said about director Rajesh that he used to always think Santhanam should get victory in his films. Rajesh always used to give corrections to him.And then he conveyed his thanks to his friend Simbu,because only of him his movie got so much reach among the public.

Reason for Tamil actor STR Simbu to become Music director for Sakka Podu Podu Raja:

Tamil Actor Santhanam said like one word is not enough to tell thanks for him because he and Ganesh met Harris Jeyaraj for the music.But unfortunately he was busy.On that spot Ganesh said that we shall ask Simbu for music and if it is for Santhanam sure he will accept.Then when Santhanam was in the shooting spot of  Mannavan Vanthan adi movie he got a message from Ganesh that Simbu is the music director of the film.He said Simbu worked very hard for the songs and also for the trailer of the movie.He also mentioned people may be angry or don't like Simbu but according to him Simbu is his God father and he will be always faithful for him.He has also written a song in the movie and also a mass song especially for Santhanam.So he was bit worried about how he is going to dance for the mass song.He conveyed his thanks to all masters who taught him to dance for the intro song.In this film Yuvan Shankar Raja,Aniruth,Usha,Leon James have sung songs.

He mentioned like all big technicians were engaged in this film.Also Power Star is acting in this film. Tamil actor Santhanam was arrested for his personal problem while the shooting was going on.He did not get Bail and went till Delhi to get his bail.So he said about his problem and they were very much worried whether this function at least will take place or not.But Director Sethuraaman was always with him from Lollu Saba show.He said like his family did not support him for Tamil actor Santhanam transformation from comedian to hero.But because of his fan's wish he became a hero.And also insisted his fans to be real hero's in their own life. Thus ended his speech.

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