Tamil Movie Meyaadha Maan Casts and Crew, Over view and Storyline

Meyaadha Maan is a tamil romantic comedy film which got released on Diwali (October 18th)and running in theaters. They have taken this movie inspired by a short film named - Madhu.This movie was released around 3292 theatres during Diwali.Actor Vaibhav plays the main lead role in the movie as hero.Actress Priya Bhavani Shankar who reached her fame from the serial Kalyanam Mudhal Kaadhal Varai got introduced in this movie as heroine.

Cast and Crew Details of Meyaadha Maan

Hero of Tamil Movie Meyaadha Maan - Actor Vaibhav

Heroine of Tamil Movie Meyaadha Maan - Actress Priya Bhavani Shankar

Director - Rathna Kumar

Producer - Kaarthekeyen Santhanam

Cinematography - Vidhu Ayanna

Music - Santhosh Narayanan , Pradeep

Story Line Of Meyaadha Maan 

Hero Vaibhav stays with his sister Indhuja.Since they lost their parents in their childhood itself hero is more kind and attached towards his sister.Also he was organizing a music troop named as Meyaadha Maan for their living.He was in one side love with Priya Bhavani Shankar for three years.

He did not reveal to Priya that he loves her.At one point Priya is getting engaged with another person.Vaibhav decides to commit suicide.In order to stop that Vaibhav's friend Vivek Prassanna tells about the love Vaibhav has for Priya to the heroine.He just tells her to act like as if she hates Vaibhav and make them start talking with each other.Priya slowly understands how much Vaibhav loves her.

So Priya decided to postponed her marriage.Both starts loving each other.Then they get departed due to a problem.So the remaining story revolves around like Did they join???Or left each other???.

Hero Vaibhav has acted like a boy living in a local area who speaks very frankly and staightforward to everyone.Heroine Priya Bhavanai Shankar has done her role really good as a girl who does anything for friendship.She has been portrayed very beautiful throughout the whole movie.

Vibhav's sister Indhuja  has taken a bold character and did her part very well.She has acted very normally and made footprints in hearts of people.Next to Vaibhav the most attracted person in the  movie was his friend Vivek Prassanna.He used travel the whole movie along with Vaibhav which really made him to score.

A short film is been modified to a full movie by Director Rathnakumar.So that is the main reason of the pullback of the movie. It was as if there was no flow in the movie.Comedy scenes here and there gave little satisfaction to audience.The length of the movie can be reduced little more.

Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep has done music for this movie.So there are many songs in this movie.They have done each song in a different way.Only audience knows how much they were attracted by the songs.Cinematography by Vidhu Ayanna has added strength to the movie.

Totally Meyaadha Maan Meya Villai!!!!!

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