Tamil Movie Mersal - Release Date

Tamil Movie Mersal  - Release Date

In spite of the decision taken by the producers team that no new movies will be released, Tamil Movie Mersal is confirmed to be launched by the team.

Since government has imposed 10% Local Body Entertainment Tax (LBET) for Tamil films producers decided to show their opposition by not allowing any new Tamil movies to be released.

They have also increased the ticket fare by 25% as from before which is creating more issues.

So people from Film Industry are making discussions with the Tamil Nadu Government to sort out the two issues as soon as possible.

Because of these major problems many new films are not yet released.But the team of Tamil Movie Mersal has announced that they are going to release their movie on October 18.When the reason was asked to the team they declared that they have spent more money on making the movie. They also added that we don't get any other festival leave like this for public next to release the movie.They also said that they strongly believe that this problem of LBET Tax will get resolved before their release of movie.

But If Tamil Movie Mersal alone gets released in market there is a chance for others to ask Why Mersal movie alone has been released in spite of all issues??.More than that if the movie gets released it will reflect like the film industry has accepted the norms and terms of the government regarding tax. So Tamil movie producers  have decided to talk with the Mersal Team. Let us wait and see!!!!

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