21 October 2017

Latest Interview with Tamil Cinema director - Priya Dharsan

Learnt from Bharathi Raja - Director Priyadharshan proudly saying:

The famous actor Priyadharshan proudly saying he learnt from Bharathi Raja. Priyadharshan is a famous director in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. He directed many successful movies in these four languages. In 2016, Mahesinte Prathikaram has released in Malayalam, this movie has won many awards.  This movie is remade by Priyadharshan in Tamil, titled Nimir, produced by Santhosh T.Kuruvila and staring Udhayanidhi Stalin.  When priyadharshan came to Chennai for Nimir film production he said,

Question about Tamil movie Nimir and Udaya nidhi Stallin to Director Priya Dharsan:

DMK leader karunanidhi’s son Thamizharasu made priyadharshan’s first movie in Tamil. Now after long time you are producing movie in tamil with the same family…

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

Since Gopura vasalile movie, It has been 25 years. I was a very successful movie maker in tamil. It ran more than 125 days in theatre. But this film is not that much planned movie.  I had very clear determination for star cast of the movie. The star should not to be great staring character, star should be like very common person as every day we see in outside. So when I thought about udhayanidhi stalin, I felt he suits well to this staring character and he was fit.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan about the reason for remaking malayalam movie to make Nimir

Mahesinte Prathikaram is a unique and comedy movie in Malayalam, so what are the challenges faced when you remade it to Tamil?

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

While remaking the movie I won’t take the original movie as it is. I will remake the screenplay as well, as it suit for the particular regional language people. For example when I remade the Tamil movie Greedam ( in which Tamil actor Ajith did main male role in Tamil )  movie in Hindi I have remade the screenplay how it suits for Hindi speaking people. Likewise I have modified the screenplay for this movie as well.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan

Your all the movie comedy is like English movie style of comedy, so will it suit for Tamil?

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

I am not taking movie only for comedy, even my movie characters also not laughing by doing.  When Jagathi Sreekumar is acting Khilukam, it is not comedy for him; its harm to him, comedy is for audience only. Comedy should be realistic. The same I have done in Tamil movie Nimir.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan on why does he choose Ooty as location for his movies:

Most of your hit movie has been taken in Ooty. Mahesinte Prathikaram movie also based on Idduki. So how is Nimir movie?

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

The Tamil landscapes I have learnt from Bharathi Raja’s movie. I have learnt many things in his movie. The great thing in this movie is, I had opportunity to work with director Mahendiran. I have learnt many things in his Mullum Malarum and Uthiri Pookal movie. Tamil movie Nimir has taken in the places of Courtallam and Thirunelveli.  So how the regional languages used in Mahesinte Prathikaram as same the regional languages and their life styles included in Nimir movie also. Directors Mahendiran and Samuthirakani are the backbone of the movie.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan about his friends in Cinema Industry:

Inncesant, Nedumudi Venu and many famous actors have told that they feel very close to working in your film..

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

 In general, I will give importance for the friendship between actors.  Those friendships bring them more closely to me. It will help them to act naturally. They will also won’t  acting for duty when we are close to them. They will be more responsible about the movie perfection. So this will help more to the movie success.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan on handling remake movies / languages

You have done movies in the four languages - Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. So how you will handle the four different feelings?

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

I will keep two things in mind when I am remaking the movie. One is language and other is culture. I will take soul of the original story then I will remake the screenplay to the respective regional language and culture. I believe the whole world has same feelings.

Question to Director Priya Dharsan about his combination with Actor Mohan lal

About your victory with Mohanlal…

Answer from Director Priya Dharsan

Not only with Mohanlal. I have done many successful with Akshay Kumar. I usually working with same team and actor because we can make movie better when work with same team and it will help for the movie success.

Author - Shobana

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