How to become a Music director in Tamil Cinema

Role of Music directors in Tamil Cinema:

How to become a Music Director in Tamil Cinema
Tamil Cinema is one of the biggest entertaining industries in India nowadays. Tamil Cinema has deep root in the name of history for more than 100 years of time. This Tamil Cinema has seen a lot of faces who have become the most favorite celebrities of all time, even some celebrities from Tamil Cinema have become Political leaders of the Tamilnadu State. In this Tamil Cinema, even though the actors and actresses are the front end representatives, the caption of the ship is the director is a common sentence has been uttered by various people on various stages. Now here we are going to have a look about Music directors, their roles and their importance. ( Courtesy to Hindu Talkies ).

Importance of Music directors in Tamil Cinema:

The movie will be handed over to the Music director soon after the Rough cut of Director cut version of the movie is ready which will have only the primary level of Editing works. The challenge for the music director in this task is that he has to give soul to the movie which even would not have the dialogues, back ground music and it would look like almost a dump movie when it would be handed over to a music director. Even though the music director would have been told about the core story of the movie, there are high chances that the movie to have quite enough changes when it would be given to the music director.

All the following things should be kept in mind by the music director when he is in the process of composing back ground music for a movie.
1.    How does the Tamil movie spreads its wings in the direction of Screen Play.
2.    What is the level of acting performance given by the Casts in the movie,
3.    What are the camera angles and what does the cinematographer want to express from those angles.         
4.    Where does a scene starts, towards how it moves and where does it end.

After seeing all the above mentioned factors, the Music director has to prepare the back ground score by keeping all the sequences of the movie. Also the music director has to be so careful that he can not repeat similar tunes from any of the other music director, not even his own music did for some other movies in his own career before. He can repeat one tune in the movie for several scenes, but the scenes should be related to each other. For an example, in Tamil movie Yaaradi Nee Mohini, the music director Yuvan Shankar Raja has used a set of tunes for the scenes related to the love / relationship between Dhanush and Nayantara and a different tune for the scenes between Dhanush and Tamil actress Saranya Mohan.
How to become a Music director in Tamil Cinema

Reason for failure of back ground scope by a Tamil music director:

One of the most common line used in many Movie reviews on any Tamil latest movies is – Back ground score / music is super but not the movie. Mainly the music directors like, Yuvan Shankar Raja, A R Rahman ( only example ) do get this kind of positive comments in all  of the Tamil movie reviews. The reason is, the dedication of the music directors in the movie and in their work. By seeing the continuous super works by some of the music directors, some of the Tamil cinema directors have started giving dedicated space for music. That means, in between scenes, the casts will be just looking each other or the camera would be travelling from a place to place ( which can be most commonly seen in Tamil cinema director Myskin direction. There are dozens of examples do present for the movies in which enough space for music director is given and utilized well and good. The directors like, K Bala Chander, Balu Mahendran etc.,

Factors behind good Music / back ground music of a Tamil Movie?

Apart from the previous factors, there are other importance are there on Music too as follows,

1.    If a movie gets lag in between because of some un matching / out of interest of audience etc., a good music director can adjust it by giving one of his best tunes in it. Even if the audience does not have interest on the scene, he may listen to the music and get back his concentration on the screen for few seconds which can fill up the lag present actually in that scene.

2.    For instance, the music director can make some of the un believable scenes to get accepted by the audience which is so important for some of the Telugu and Tamil movies. An example for this is – in Tamil movies Dhool, Kuruvi etc.,

3.    Some times, these importance will become a big challenge for the music directors that, some times the movie would be going with a fast screen play and the director / producer will think about a fast beat song in between the scenes and theothers in the crew of those Tamil movies will ask for a melody song. Some times the music director will have to give both because of the change of mind of director / producer too. Example: Tamil movie Mudhalvan – we can see both, melodious and fast beat  songs in between the fast moving screen play of Tamil cinema director Shankar.

Another importance of music in Tamil cinema is, the music will be giving its hand even if the director of the Tamil movie and the actors, actresses have given their best in their part. Because, the way how the music director gives soul for the scenes is the key factor after the work behind the scene from the director. So, the Tamil music director should have ample of knowledge in it.

Apart from all the above things, the music director must have control over each and every member of his music crew and he must have good knowledge about all the latest musical instruments and all the software programs, applications etc., about music in the market.

We will look about the Key factors to become a Music director in Tamil cinema, Importance of music in Tamil cinema etc.,

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