Status of Current Cases on Tamil movie Mersal

Status of Current Cases on Tamil movie Mersal

Tamil actor Vijay’s Mersal movie has been released recently, this movie has some dialogues regarding the Central Government of India's systems such as demonetization, GST etc., So BJP party who are the ruling party of India, has raised many complaints on the movie Mersal.  In the mean while, A.Aswathaman ( name of person who has filed one of the cases against Tamil movie Mersal ) registered public case against this movie and this has become one of the top controversies of Tamil movie Mersal.

What is mentioned in the case against Tamil movie Mersal:

In that case, he has mentioned that, the Mersal movie has many dialogues against GST and this will give wrong opinion to the public about GST which is one of the implementations of Central government of India. The censor board has given certificate for this movie in the urgent manner. So the court should give notice to stop this movie and the certification given by CBFC should be revised.

This case has come for the final judgement  today. The justice Mr. M.M.Sundaresh and Justice Mr. M.Sundar who are the judges for the case on Tamil movie Mersal have asked the questions that does this movie dialogue gives any impact to the public?
 Mersal is just movie, that is not a real story. If you have really concern about public goodness, you would have raised the complaint against the drinking and smoking scene if exist in the movie and social evils.

The judges who are handling the case of Tamil movie Mersal have also added that, everybody has the rights to say their own opinion and this is equal to all. If the individual does not like the movie, they can stop seeing the movie. Instead why are you approaching court for this issues. So judge has been dismissed the case against the Mersal movie.

As there are so many TV shows with the debate of Tamil movie Mersal controversies, Youtube channels doing interviews on the police case on Mersal movie including the political persons who are involved in this controversy on Tamil movie Mersal and even the father of Tamil actor,director S A Chandra Sekar has been doing a lot of interviews and talking about this controversy, there are thousands of debates related to this topic going on in Social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc., Even though these controversies are intending to get the movie down, but there is a spread talk going on that these controversies are working in positive manner for the movie to get talked national wide and the same has been causing positive Box Office Collection of Tamil movie Mersal.

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