About Yung Mung Sung - Producer Interview

The making of Yung Mung Sung movie:

Sivasree Srinivasan is one of the senior producers in tamil cinema. He produced many films including Naan Kadavul, Boss (A) Baskaran, Nimirnthu Nill and Urimai Geetham which is the first movie of director RV Udhaya Kumar. Now he is producing three Upcoming Tamil movies at a time. The movies are Oru Pakka Kadhal kadhai ,Yung Mung Sung and Oodi Oodi Uzhaikanum. Oru Pakka Kadhal Kadhai movie star is actor Jayaraman’s son Kaali Dass. Yung Mung Sung movie stars are Prabu Deva and Tamil Actress Lakshmi Menon ( So, this is the upcoming / next movie for Tamil Actress Lakshmi Menon) and odi Oodi Uzhaikanum, which will be the next movie for Tamil actor Santhanam.  When Sivasree Srinivasan talked about Yung Mung Sung movie, he said as follows, 

One of our movies Oru Pakka Kadhal kadhai has come good, it is directed by Balaji Dharanitharan who has directed Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom movie. the basic story of this movie belongs to the current trends of family life. While the censor board certification they have said to remove one particular script in the movie, otherwise we will give ‘A’ certificate to the movie. That script is the soul of the whole story. So we requested to censor board regarding this, then the censor board members understood and they gave ‘U’ certificate. So the Release date of Tamil movie Oru Pakka Kadhal Kadhai will be in November 2017.
Three years ago, I gave advance to Prabu Deva to direct under my production company. At that time Prabu Deva’s Devi movie was released and ran successfully. After that he got many opportunities to act as a hero. But he said though I have many opportunities, I took advance from you first so I decided to work with you.

How was the movie Yung Mung Sung started?

Then I started hearing the stories from directors. Many directors has come and explained their story but among them Arjun’s story was different. So I decided to produce his story. This is how Yung Mung Sung starts. In this movie, Prabu Deva’s father character played by Thangar Bachan. After this movie he will be famous as like Rajkiran. Main female lead role / heroin of Tamil movie Yung mung Sung is Lakshmi Menon. For this movie she took treatment to reduce weight. This movie almost is going to complete and the release date of Yung Mung Sung will be announced soon.

Apart from this, Oodi Oodi Uzhaikanum movie also important one. As already told, this movie hero is Santhanam, and heroine is Amyra Dastur who has acted Anegan and Kung Fu. This movie direction is Mani Kandan who has directed Kanna Laddu Thinga Asaiya movie. Along with Santhanam, Mottai Rajendiran, Yogi Babu, MS Baskar,Mayilsamy, Lollu Saba Swamynathan like this many comedy actors are acting in this movie. So this movie is combination of Action and Comedy. So Srinivasan saying these all three movies, he is planning to release one by one.

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