Tamil movie Taramani - casts and crew, story line and complete review

Tamil movie Taramani - casts and crew, story line  and complete review:

In this page of Tamil Cinema Bio, we shall have a looked at one of the intense movies of Tamil Cinema namely Taramani under the direction of Ram.

Tamil movie Tarmani - Casts and Crew:

Main male role ( Hero ) - Tamil Actor Vasanth Ravi

Main Female Role ( Heroin ) - Tamil Actress Andrea Jeremiah

Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Director - Ram

Producer - Ram, Sathish Kumar

Other Main actors / actresses of Tamil movie Taramani - Tamil Actress Anjali, Azhagam Perumal etc.

Story line of Tamil Movie Taramani:

     Story begins with an unusual encounter of a guy with single mother in a usual place,  during a
certain climatic condition.  Their prejudices, thought processes, influences, experiences on life and the conversation between them fill this movie entirely. However, ideological transition of a male character influencing the love affair and need for emotional companionship of a working single mother is the core idea of the movie.

Movie is more like a roller-coaster journey of a person falling in love with a married woman. It is a perspective based movie. It is more enjoyable to well informed people than the general audience. The voice over has well written or placed accordingly to fill the discriminatory gap existing among audience. If this movie has been released without voice over, there can be many more misconception may start rumouring based on the intelligence of various sections of the population.    There is sarcasm prevailing in voice-over subtly. It is more of perspective or idea based story rather than event or activity based story.  An idea based story can have some symbolic shots but some new shots which don’t create the feeling of cliche.  Movie is self-contained with its content and screenplay, amending may derail it.

 Guy from village background, comes to a cosmopolitan city and living a life swinging in socio-economic status quo, in depressed mental state due to failed relationship in recent past. He has a populist prejudicial perception about woman, and typical companionship oriented expectation from a woman. However, he is open to ideas and realize his mistakes committed out of his prejudices.  Female lead character is woman of reasonably high intellect with refined clarity in thought process, which is evident from the conversation she makes with him, in the beginning while freeing him from guilt delusions. 

The director makes his mark in male character who gets offended, when he was called as a rapist, which is term to be ashamed of.  Typical male scale of judging a woman comes in a way with their relationship and spoiling it. Consequently, he derails from his moral fabrics,  involves in unconventional flirtatious encounters.  In this phase, his path gets criss-crossed with his past girlfriend who is living in frustrated family life and Barnabas’s family life.  These are regions notifying the lurking conscience of the male lead or character revealing sequence. While the female lead resolve her harassment issue, with a rebellious and crucial way, which in turn, result in character assassination from his perspective. 

However, he was able to look into the complicated situations of intellectual woman and their emotional need through the window of one of his flirtatious encounters. Thought process of the kid is well pictured and son-mother relationship is expressed subtly and is good. Claps to Director Ram for destroying the character assassination prejudices of populist ideology on city brought up modern girls.  Realistic love story taken in unconventional fashion, bringing out the populist ideology on girls on-screen. Music of Yuvan in  song of guilt is good.

Ambience of Tamil movie Tara Mani:

 It is a matinee show movie, good to be watched along with office colleagues and family. You cannot expect grandeur ending, but a nice food for thought movie.

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