02 September 2017

Tamil movie Puriyadha pudhir one line review

Tamil movie Puriyadha pudhir one line review

In this page of Tamil cinema bio we shall look about the latest movie 'Puriyadha Pudhir' in which Tamil actor Vijay Sethypathy has done the lead role with Tamil actress Gayathri as lead female actor under the direction of Ranjit Jayakodi.

Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir Casts and Crew:

Main male role of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir - Tamil actor Vijay Sethupathy

Main female role of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir - Tamil actress Gayathri

Other main actors of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir - Ramesh Tilak and Arjunan

Music director of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir - Sam C.S

Cinematography of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir - Dinesh Krishnan 

Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir Review:

As one of the common audience of Tamil cinema I too entered to watch this movie with the expectation of watching a good quality content with the nice presentation of Vijay Sethupathy acting. The movie has the following plus points of Puriyadha Pudhir;

1. The very first scene of the movie has high intensity and the same is giving a big expectation to the audience.

2. Back ground music of the movie has been done well and good by Sam. As the movie has the base on music, the music of this movie had a high importance and the same has been done well. 

3. Screen presence of Tamil actor Vijay Sethy pathy is also an additional plus point of Puriyadha Pudhir.

4. Grip on Screen play in the First Half of the Movie was keeping the audience at the verge of the seats.

5. The core story of the movie: The movie is representing voice against one of the most vibrating ignorance which has been in our society and the same has huge consequences, which could be fatal too.

Negative points of Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir:

1. Having the biggest twist on the screen play, based on old reasons.

2. So many speed breakers ( Songs ) even though the songs are good to listen, they have paused the flow of story.

3. Casting - Even though the acting of some casts like, Gayathri was fair enough, as the weight of 'character of Tamil actress Gayathri in Tamil movie Puriyadha Pudhir', her acting might have been better in the way of holding the character more and utilizing this great opportunity in her career more. 

One line verdict about Tamil movie puriyadha puthir is 'One time  watchable thriller movie'

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