Vignesh Sivan who wrote all the songs thaana seanthakuttam

All Together Meeting is directed by director Vignesh Sivan.

The final shooting of the film is going on in Chennai. Recently, the film was released on First Look Poster on the Internet.

Today (July 27) has begun to promote the first film. The film Nana Thana has been officially published on the Internet.

Though he wrote songs in various films, Vignesh Shivan worked with other songwriters except for two songs for his films. For the first time, all the songs of the film are directed by director Vignesh Sivan.

Studio Green is producing the movie in the movie. Keerthi Suresh, Senthil, Ramya Krishnan, Suresh Menon and Karthik have acted in this film. Anirudh composes music.

Surya has allotted dates for Selvaraghavan

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