Latest interview of Vijay TV Anchor DD aka Divya Dharsini

Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini has given an open interview about her latest gossips, controversies and her latest show Anbudan DD which has been getting telecast ed in Vijay TV. The following are the questions and answers asked and given by Divyadharsini;

Question to Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini:

What is the reason for the name change from Coffee with DD to Anbudan DD?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor Divya Dharsini:

There was a thought in my mind for many days to do something different in the program ( Coffee with DD ). Coffee with DD is a fun filled show, so we wanted to make the same show with fresh thoughts by including more positive things in it. So I took a good time break to in search nice team for this fresh look of Anbudan DD.

Question to Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharshini:

Have you ever imagined that a program with your name 'Koffee with DD' will be telecasted when you joined as an ordinary TV anchor?

Answer from Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharsini:

I did not get this in a few days and I have not think about being in this stage in a day too. All I think is, I have to do things proper every day. If the same program is to be done by some one else, I would be standing behind them and give the first priority to them. If the same is our program I would think of doing all the things by myself by standing in front. From my childhood, it has become my habit to do all things in good way.
Vijay TV anchor in black saree 

Question to Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharshini:

Why we could not see many talented people who are shining in Cine Field in your program?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor DD - Divya Dharsini:

When we are doing this kind of program, we have to think about both - business and entertainment. This is not a news channel or a discovery channel; we can not go away from entertainment.  We do introduce the related cine people when ever we are inviting any Tamil Cinema celebrities in our program. For an example, in our interview with Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathy too we did made the related person for him in Tamil cinema field in the program. It is easy to tell anything from outside, I have been thinking of doing the program as if all people to watch and get entertained only by tolerating all good / bad things. 

Question to Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharshini:

There were some rumours / gossips of Vijay TV anchor DD - Divya Dharsini that she has conflict with Vijay TV and she may go to other channel?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor DD - Divya Dharsini:

All are gossips. I got a slight problem with my leg, so I had to take rest for a few weeks. In this time all these rumours. gossips have started spreading, When ever such rumours are raising I dont prefer to give explanation on them, otherwise All is well. 

Question to Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharshini:

Reason behind your desire on acting in Tamil Cinema?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor DD - Divya Dharsini:

Vijay TV anchor DD kissed by husband
Did you watch Tamil movie Power Pandi? Did the movie shine in Box Office? Did you like my dialogue? Then what? I can act. right? It is a positive movie. I dont like the characters as if the character reflects me. There should be one out of this. I felt that when I listened to the script of Tamil movie Power Pandi. Even when entered the shooting first day for Tamil movie Power pandi, I felt like running away from the spot. But the trust Tamil actor Dhanush had on me did not let me go way. I would thank him for trusting me.

Question to Vijay TV Anchor DD - Divya Dharshini:

You do not like to comment about Suchi leaks. That is OK. Why did you mention 'Selvi DD - Dharsini' in the title card of Tamil movie Power Pandi when you are married already?

Answer from Vijay TV anchor DD - Divya Dharsini:

Please.. Let us not talk about those things. 

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