Tamil Movies Box Office Collection list - Month of March 2017

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                        On every month we are witnessing so many movies and songs every week there are so much of changes in box office record. Some rules till last and some  may forgotten. There is chance of missing some good movies at the end of year list. So we are here to provide you top movies of every month and most favourite songs of every month too. Lets check the list of movies for March 2017.

Kavan and Dora released last day and also last weekend of march month.We can't decide the business and overall verdict of these movie.As per the reviewers and First day critics view Kavan was must watch movie after Kuttram 23 and also common audiance to enjoyed these movies. Dora was  above average movie.Lets see how these movies business does after 2 weeks.

1.: Movie : Maanagaram

    Release date: 10th march

    Box Office Result of Tamil movie Maanagaram:
    Critics and common audience appreciated this movie. Producer and distributor got some profit     from this movie.

2. Movie :Kadugu

    Release date: 24th march

    Box Office Result of Tamil movie Kadugu :

 critics appreciated this as best movie from vijay milton and common audiance also appreciated this movie. Due to 8 movies released along with this movie producer and distributor faced break even that means its neither caught profit nor caught loss.

3. Movie :Kuttram 23

    Release date: 3rd march

Box Office Result of Tamil movie Kutram 23:

  Critics and common audiance appreciated this movie. Producer faced some loss due to high budget but distributor caught profit.

Other movies like Motta shiva ketta shiva, Bruce lee, Kattapava kanom all are fails to cover audiance and also critics. Distributor too faced a huge loss but producers had a profit due to audio, satilite rights and also distributor rights.

Box Office Result of Tamil big movies released at February month:-

    Movie :Si-3
    Release date: 9th february
    Producers Box Office verdict: Profit
    Distributor verdict: loss

    Movie : Yaman
    Release date: 24th february
    Producers Box Office Collection verdict: profit
    Distributors Box Office Collection verdict: profit

    Movie : Bogan
    Release date: 2nd february
    Producers Box Office Collection verdict: Break even
    Distributors Box Office Collection verdict: loss

    Movie : Rum
    Release date: 17th february
    Producer Box Office Collection verdict: Profit
    Distributor Box Office Collection verdict:Loss

Top Tamil Video songs of March month:

                          More number of albums are released this month.We are just listed the song as the song or movie released now we cant list this as all time best. At year end we will detail it.Lets checkout the list of songs that placed as most favourite song of many song lovers in this month March 2017

Album: Kaatru veliyidai
Music: A.R.Rahman

2.Maruvarthai pesathe
Album:Ennai nokki payum thotta

3.Vaan varuvan
Album: Kaatru veliyidai

4.Saaratu vandiyile
Album:Kaatru Veliyidai
Music:A.R Rahman

5.Youth of powerpandi-Paarthen
Album: Power pandi
Music:Shean Rolden

6.Enga Pora Dora

Music:HipHop Aadhi

8.Damalu Dumeelu
Album: Bogan

Album: Bogan

Album: Server Sundaram
Music: Sandhosh Narayanan

These are all list of movies and songs of march 2017. Lets see any changes would happen in next month

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