07 April 2017

Tamil Movie Kaatru Veliyidai review

Cast:Karthi, Adithi rao, R.J.Balaji

Cinematography: Ravi varman

Editing: A.Sreekar prasad

Music : A.R.Rahman

Music Label: Sony music india

Story: Maniratnam

Produced : Maniratnam

Banner:  Madras talkies

Directed : Maniratnam

Genre: romantic war

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie Kaatru veliyidai :  U

Whats about the story?

The basic story line of Tamil Movie Kaatru veliyidai is a love story of fighter pilot Karthi and Doctor athithi rao with the kargil war backdrop.

Either Movie runs or Audience runs?

Before starting to review this movie we want to say one thing. Die-hard fan of director maniratnam and who loves maniratnam type of movies please avoid continuing this review.

This movie is nothing but the combination of Roja , Alaipayuthe, Ok kanmani( already the second version of Alaipayuthe) except the story and casting changes. The strong female lead and the imperfect male lead was a super idea.
From the starting movie moves faster upto the love sequence starts after then the slow-paced screenplay and predictable scenes makes this movie not impressed.

What about performance and others?

Adithi rao performed well compared with karthi. Adithi rao expression lip sink was perfect. Karthi look and body language are not matched with this role. Every close-up scene with Karthi was irritating. We love to watch Natural karthi who looks so close to our neighbour friend not like this. At climax his performance was good.That's a miracle to see most silent act by R.J.Balaji.Delhi ganesh and Rukmani did a good job.

 While looking at Technical aspect like as same Maniratnam movies cinematography and music were perfect and top class.

How about Director Maniratnam sir?

Director Maniratnam sir typical dialog, songs,Screenplay, Scenes was different at 1990s but now trend was changed as many. Its very sad to see legend director still following same formula. Movie was looks a like bollywood dubbed at someplace. The overall movie can reach A center but considering B and C center its not worked out.

Smiley section

👍👍👍: Aditi rao, First war scene

👎👎👎: Karthi look, Slow screenplay

👏👏👏: Ar.rahman music and bgm , Characters of lead roles

Can we book tickets?

Overall tamil movie Kaatru veliyidai  completly for  Director maniratnam fans.

Money worth for Tamil Movie : 48/100

Audience comment: "  Visually super but other than that not want to say "

Thank you from Vishal

Cash - Rs 40

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