01 April 2017

Tamil movie Dora review

Tamil movie Dora review

Cast:  Nayanthara, Thambi ramayya, Harish uthaman

Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan

Editing: Gopi krishna

Music :  Vivek-Mervin

Music Label: Sony music india

Story: Doss Ramasamy

Produced : Director A.Sarkunam

Banner:  Sarkunam Cinemas

Directed :Doss Ramasamy

Genre:  Horror thriller

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie :  A

What's the story of tamil movie Dora?

The basic story line of Tamil Movie Dora is Nayanthara and his father Buys a car to start a Taxi but that Car was haunted. One day car moves out of control and kills a man in front of Tamil Actress Nayanthara. Why did that car kills? what was that spirit inside the car? was remaining movie

Will the movie run or audience run??

  Even though there was lot of negative things like Old story, Week comedy, Horror element was not worked out but Audience was not run out only because of Nayanthara. We can surely say this is one of the mass movies of Nayanthara. Her screen presence makes mass enough equal to other leading actors.

First half was dragging upto interval block. The surprise element was the spirit inside the car that revealed during the interval makes us Sit for next half. The flashback scene was so important for the society currently and touchable one after that movie changes to fourth gear and runs faster but at climax again comes to first gear and finishes with Nayanthara mass walk and audience sleepy eyes.
What about performance and others?

Nayanthara balances the whole movie on her shoulder. The claps and whistles for the police station scene and revenge scene was the best example for her performance that's why she was called a lady superstar.Chemistry between Thambi ramayaa and nayanthara combined scene was good but Thambi ramaya should change his usual mind voice comedy that bores people.Harish uthaman character was very usual and typical honest police officer and he justified that. Villians also acted naturally.

 While looking at the Technical aspect Music and background music ( BGM ) by Vivek Mervin was super and especially villain theme was fantastic. cinematography was sharp and nailed it. Editor should edit some of the scenes in first half

Who was the director?

Director Doss Ramasamy took Director Rama narayanan type story changed some usual horror formulas and gives a new dimension of old story But worked out Half and half fails

Smiley section

👍👍👍: Nayanthara, Intreval, BGM

👎👎👎: First half,Thambi ramaya comedy, climax

👏👏👏: flashback scene thats deals with current problem

😠😠😠: Censor board that gives Pure A. Even ladies dont feel any thing wrong in theatre.

Can we book tickets??

Overall tamil movie Dora one time a watchable movie.

Money worth for Tamil Movie  Dora: 50 /100

Audience comment: "  Old car was remodeled with new spare parts but (lady) driver escapes us from major accident"

Thank you from Vishal

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