Tamil movie yaakai review

Tamil movie yaakai movie review

Cast:  kreshna , swathi, guru somasundaram, prakash raj

Cinematography: Sathya Ponmar

Editing: V.J.Sabu joseph

Music :  Yuvan shankar raja

Music Label: U1 records

Story: Kuzhanthai Velappan

Produced : muthu kumaran

Banner:  prim pictures

Directed : Kuzhanthai velappan

Genre:  medical crime thriller

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie :  U

Tamil movie Yakkai - Story:

The basic story-line of Tamil Movie Yaakai is kreshna and swathi college students and lovers too and at same occasion doctor  was killed and investigation follows. How this both the stories combines watch it in theatres near.

Movie starts as thriller movie later travel as love movie and after some time we can guess what will be the next scenes would be. Except prakash raj scenes all others are testing our tolerance.

Tamil movie yaakai movie review

Casting aspect kreshna and swathi both gives artificial expressions through out that completely not tolerable. Their acting reseambles like 80s actor ramki as college student. Guru somasundram from the introduction deliver himself as negative shade intentional. Guru somasundram being good actor but character misuses him. Prakash raj only satisfaction for audiance.

While looking at Technical aspect Its shocking that yuvan shankar raja bgm is average. Except soli tholayen ma all others are not good. Cinematography is good and editing also  nice.

Director kuzhanthai velappan tries to give a romantic turns to thriller but executing level is bad and not given any impact to audience.

Overall Tamil movie yaakai is just time pass

Rating:    2/ 5

Verdict from theatre

Critics view: below average

Common mans view: tough to sit

Commercial fans view: Nothing to say

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