Tamil movie Motta shiva ketta Shiva movie review

Tamil movie Motta shiva ketta Shiva movie review

Cast:  Ragava lawrance,Nikki kalgrani,Sathyaraj,Ashutosh Rana

Cinematography: sarvesh murari

Editing: praveen k.l.

Music :  Amresh Ganesh

Music Label: Saregama tamil

Story: Anil ravipudi

Produced : r.b.choudry

Banner:  Supergood films

Directed : sai ramani

Genre:  mass masala entertainer

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie :  U

  After a long days we had  caught a chance to review in different style than in usual way. As Motta shiva ketta shiva movie is not a usual movie our review also will not in usual way. From the starting of the movie title card 'Makkal Superstar'(Peoples super star) Ragava Lawrance shocked us from that moment our eyebrows were fixed in exciting level.

   Movie was said as telugu remake but movie was actually as telugu dubbed movie. As its a mass masala movie we should not expect logics and perfect scene flow. But movie treats us in different way that will give us fainting level.

Ragava lawrance doing whatever he thinks. Drawing ashok chakra by gun shots in wall, breaking fighters bone just like lollipop, becoming ips officer just to irritate his father not for society etc.We cant ignore He is master in dance but only dance can not entertain people.Very sad to say sathyaraj was acted in this movie but gives his decent acting. Nikki kalgrani acted as extented cameo role but you should believe she was actually heroine of this movie.There was so much of comedy actors but smile wont.

We can't understand how Cencor board gives U certificate . Too much of vulger words used by girls and too much of glamour scenes were used but changing a lyrics in a song makes family to watch what kind of cencor is done here. For each question asked by villian Ashutosh Rana hero lawrance will reply for more than a hour in 160 decibles.

Technical side they had done a good job for commercial movie. Director sai ramani before going to direct next movie should remember that producer, actor, other actor actress and audiance too trusted him fully that he will give good entertaining movie.We cant accept this movie for ragava lawrance real nature.

 overall we can say 1970s story maked in 1960s screenplay to entertain latest youngsters. If you are not bothered about our review you can enjoy it once in theatre.

Rating:   2 / 5

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