Tamil movie Kuttram 23 movie review

Tamil Movie kuttram 23 review:

Cast:  arun vijay, mahima nambiyaar, thambi ramayya

Cinematography: bhaskaran k.m.

Editing: bhuvan srinivaasan

Music :  vishal chandrasekar

Music Label: sony music india

Story: rajesh kumar

Produced : inder kumar

Banner:  Redhan—The Cinema People

Directed : arivazhagan

Genre:  action thriller

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie :  U/A

We are not going to reveal the story of Tamil Movie kuttram 23 as the story was written by thriller stories specialist novelist rajesh kumar. Novelist rajesh kumar stories always pulls us to edge of the seat So better watch it in theatres near.

From the starting scene of the movie kuttram 23 makes us to sit at edge of the seat.Movie runs with good speed to make audience to understand the scene.Unexpected interval  scene pulls us to edge.Main positive of this movie is songs are not used and unwanted scenes are not used. So movie was fast and crispy that audience easily engaged.

Casting aspect Tamil Actor Arun vijay was perfectly fit to his character. Acting and action too was perfect.After him Abinaya gives a great  acting. All other actors perfectly suited to their role.Thambi ramayaa humour not worked out.

While looking at Techinical aspect Same as previous arivazhagan movies technical side was super. Cinematography and music especially bgm was perfect. Editing was crispy but fight scene was somewhat lenghthy and flashback scene in second half was also feels like lengthy.

Director arivazhagan always specialist in handling thriller script.If the script was written by Thriller stories specialist Rajesh kumar then no words to say about quality of that movie.From the starting director makes audiance to understand the theme of the movie so that audiance  travel throughout the movie clearly. Director clearly mix the sentiment and thriller in correct balance.

Overall tamil movie kuttram 23 is perfect action thriller movie. Specialy made for Thriller movie fans.

Rating:    3.75 / 5

Verdict from theatre

Critics view: fast and furious

Common mans view: worth to watch

Commercial fans view: best thriller movie recently

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