17 March 2017

Tamil movie Bruce Lee review

Tamil movie Bruce Lee review

Cast: G.v.Prakash kumar,Kirti kirabanda,bala saravanan, rajendran

Cinematography: p.v.shankar

Editing: Pradeep E. Ragav,G. Manoj Gyann

Music : G.v.Prakash kumar

Music Label: lahari music

Story: prasanth pandiraj

Produced : J. Selvakumar,P. Ravichandran
,G. Vittal Kumar

Banner:  Kenanya Films,PK Film Factory

Directed : prasanth pandiraj

Genre:  Dark humour

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie :  U

Tamil movie Bruce Lee review

    Few years back  if a 10 movies are releasing per month rarely 1 movie will be make us to feel whether to sit and cry or ran out of theatre.But recently every week a movie makes us same feel. Just like  muthuramalingam  now bruce lee joins the club. Before revealing the story we want to know how did producer,hero, heroine accept  this story. Crew said that this will be dark comedy but we searched all over the movie ,where is the humour?

  G.v.prakash who is well talented music director but in selecting the script he was miserably failed. G.v. prakash was trolled at many place in some place we were feel pity for him too. Heroine was just used for glamour. Bala saravanan comedy makes us anger. Only rajendran makes us smile at some place. Ramadoss too done some good job.

 Technical aspect nothing was in mind. Music was very average. What happened to our G.V.prakash. Director prasanth pandiraj believed that these humor scene will make us laugh out loud but the sad truth only some were smiling other all sleep.

In every g.v. Prakash movies ladies are insulted through dialogue and character details for the heroine and another female role. This movie also joins in that list. Better he should stop that. We get tired of saying censor board and again they repeated the same. Its amazing to know They not even notice anything that will affect kids. As some ladies were reading this review we dont want to mention any scene of this movie.

Overall Tamil movie bruce lee is purely for audience who likes kadavul irukan kumaru, enakku innoru per iruku.

Rating:   1.75/ 5

Thank you from Vishal

Cash - Rs 15

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