Tamil Movie Yeman Music Album / Audio Songs One Word Review

Tamil Movie Yeman Music Album / Audio Songs Review:

Casting: Tamil Actor Vijay antony, mia george, thiyagarajan

Music Director: Vijay antony

Music Label: lyca music

Director : jeeva shankar

Number of Tracks: 5

Track Name: yem mela kai vacha

Singers: Hemachandra,chandran MC,kumar

Rocking lyrics and superb beat is main plus for this song. Sure every one will dance in theatres
Playlist: repeat mode

Track Name: Damelo, Dumelo

Singers: saranya ,mario roe vincent

Stylish item number song.Rocking voice of saranya and peppy beat is notable one in this song.
Playlist: good

Track Name: kadavul yezhuthum

Singers: yazin nazir,janaki iyer

Good start for this song. Voice and beat was superb. This song will be next love hit of this year.
Playlist: repeat mode

Track Name: singaram chella

Singers: jagdeesh,Ranjit unni, velmurugan,ayyapan.

Starting of this song remembered as velayutham bgm( Bgm for velayutham super hero). Lyrics was so motivational.beat and music was super.short and strong song
Playlist: good

Track Name: Neeye thaniya
Singers: jagdeesh
Super motivational song. Good lyrics and tune is vijay antony touch.good song to inspire.
Playlist: good

Overall Tamil Movie yeman Music Album is good album and wait for movie to see how it is been picturised.

Tamil movie Yemen - One word Review : Good from Vijay antony

Rating: 3.5 /5

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