Tamil movie Bogan Casts and Crew, Story and Complete review

Tamil Movie Bogan review:

Cast: Jayam Ravi, Aravind samy, Hansika, Nasser

Cinematography: sounder Rajan

Editing: Anthony

Music:  D.Imman

Music Label: Sony music India

Story: Lakshman

Produced: Prabhu deva, K.Ganesh

Banner:  Prabhu Deva Studios

Directed : Lakshman

Genre:  Action

Censor board certificate for movie Tamil Movie Bogan :  U

Director lakshman next movie after success of romeo juliet. Thani oruvan successful combo jayam ravi and aravind samy 2nd movie . D.Imman successful album gives more expectations for this movie. Already planned to release at december 2016 but due to some issues postponed and released at February 2017.

The basic storyline of Tamil Movie Bogan is  Jayam ravi , a honest cop and  Aravind samy , A con man who is having special power.Aravind samy robbers money using special power and jayam ravi's father was arrested for that. Later Jayam ravi found the truth and arrest aravind samy. But next twist starts the new story.whats the twist and what happend next ? Watch it in theatres near.

Starting from the first scene movie runs faster and engaging audiance tip of the seat. Twist was easily predictable.but starting from intreval and through out the end of the movie screenplay was so usual and testing the tolerance of the audiance. Espacily last 15 minutes totaly logicless.Aravind samy does the negative role in first half and jayam ravi does it in second half but overall Logicless screenplay is main negative of this movie.

Casting aspect Aravind samy holds total movie in his shoulder. He proves that he is senior most by his talent as hero and villian.Jayam ravi  does his role as hero very well but as villian he fails.Hansika was given so importance in poster but not in movie. Hansika believes this movie more so she shows extreme glamour but can show some acting too.Hansika was used very less screen presence.Other than these three no one were remebered as 95÷ of movie were occupied by them only.

While looking at Techinical aspect cinematography was excellent.editing was also nice.Songs except damaal dumeel nothing was in mind and bgm concern excellent in first half but at climax was very poor.

Director lakshaman believes different concept and big star cast would help this movie but effective screenplay and logic is so important to sustain audiance. Song placement in second half is so bad and Audiance confuses what the director tries to do. Every one expects that concept was different sure movie will engaging but miserably failed in second half.

Special mention Cencor board gives complete U but starting from first frame Its not appropriate for Families. How could be U given to this movie.

Overall tamil movie Bogan is one time watchable Tamil action  movie.

Rating :   55 /100 rupees

Verdict from theater

Critics view: concept is good but execution

Common man's view:  Not bad

Commercial fans view:  first half is better

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